WWE Top Star Has High Praise For Roman Reigns

Source: wwe.com

These are not the days of the kayfabe. Back in the day, if two guys were feuding on the WWE TV, there is no way that their real life personas would get seen together off camera. The kayfabe was well and alive and it was a big part of the WWE. Now, we have shows that the company is producing with a lot of superstars hanging out together even though they have some kind of storyline going on.

It is just the day that we live in and the modern day wrestling. Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman have had a great feud going on. If we were to pick a feud of the year so far, there is no doubt that we would roll with Braun and Roman. The fact of the matter is that they have a great chemistry in the ring, they gel well together and the booking has been good. When you combine all of that, you get something as good as this Roman vs. Braun story is.

Source: sportskeeda.com

Strowman has now spent a lot of time working with Roman Reigns, getting to know him both as a person and as a professional. He had some high praise for his colleague, who is, just like Braun himself, one of the top guys on Monday Night Raw and in the company.

“Roman Reigns is, if not the best, one of the best performers in the world, hands down. I don’t care what anybody says. He does it night after night, and it doesn’t matter who he’s with, they tear the place down. Lately, it has been me and him blowing the roof off the arena at every place we walk into on God’s green Earth.”