What is an HPI Check and Why You Need One

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While the used car market can be an excellent place to buy a used car, it is also a dangerous marketplace filled with unsafe cars, fraudulent sellers and scams to be wary of. This can, understandably, fill motorists with anxiety when the time comes to find a new vehicle but if you know how to shop safely then you should be able to find what you are looking for.

Using a History Check

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One of the most effective ways to navigate the used car market and find high-quality automobiles is with a vehicle history check. These checks look deep into an automobile’s past to discover if it is harboring any dark secrets. Incredibly, 1 in 3 vehicles which are checked has some kind of hidden issue which can be impossible to reveal simply by looking at the car. Companies such as Cap HPI offer reliable and high-quality services.

How the Checks are Carried Out

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So, how do these checks work? The company carrying out the check will obtain important data on the automobile in question from sources that are likely to include the police, the DVLA, finance companies, the SMMT, easing and rental companies, dealerships, wholesalers, manufacturers and other industry bodies. They can then go through this data to get a clear overview of everything related to that vehicle since it was manufactured.

What the Check Can Reveal

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A vehicle history check is an excellent line of defense against fraudulent sellers and used car scams. A vehicle history check can reveal whether the car has been reported stolen, if there is any outstanding finance agreement against the car if it was previously written off, whether it has been clocked, if there have been any number plate changes and much more. Additionally, many of these checks allow you to look at the MOT history so you can see if there are any issues with the vehicle and what its general history has been like.

Part of a Process

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These checks are an important part of the used car buying process and it should not be skipped, but you must also remember that you need to give the vehicle a physical examination and take it for a test drive. Many motorists also find it helpful to get checked over by a mechanic for their approval. When all combined together, this should help you to navigate the used car market with ease.

The used car market can be an intimidating place to buy a used car because it is such a large market and you hear of so many scams and fraudulent sellers. A vehicle history check is a vital part of the buying process which can help you to steer clear of these scams and find vehicles which are safe and reliable with no hidden secrets.