The Best Ways to Save Money on Your Web Hosting

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Does buying quality web hosting and saving money at the same time sound impossible to you? Generally, we’d have to agree; however, it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you arm yourself with the right techniques, you can save some money along the way. You will avoid making beginner mistakes just by looking at the tips in this article, save money that can be used for another investment down the line.

Should a Cheap Web Hosting Company Be an Option?

The answer to this question is: NO! We don’t recommend choosing a cheap web host which won’t serve its purpose. If your website experiences growth, you will have issues in the future, which is the last thing you would want from a web hosting provider. You should instead use some tactics for saving money without compromising web hosting quality.

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Begin with a Shared Hosting Plan

There are several plans in web hosting you can choose from. You can choose the one that is the most convenient for your website or business.

If you are a beginner, just starting your blog, you won’t need much server space. That’s the reason why you should choose a shared hosting plan. This way you won’t need to pay much money upfront, and you will also be able to upgrade to premium anytime when your blog starts getting a lot of traffic. Shared hosting plans are a great value and the most popular option amongst newly opened websites.

A shared hosting plan would be a bad idea for a website which already has a lot of traffic and rich content because logically it would need much bigger server space. A shared hosting plan, will have limited bandwidth, limited disk space and show poor performance for a website which is using an entry plan while already being well-developed.

Alternatively, there are bulk hosting websites which allow you to host a large number of sites at a low cost. So if you own a large network of sites places like LaunchCDN would be worth checking out. Mostly these are used for host private blogging networks and in most cases wouldn’t be suitable for high traffic websites.

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Use Coupons or Promo Links

If you are a first time user, many web hosting providers like will offer you discounts, coupons or promo links in order to attract you using their service. This is a great way to choose a quality host provider and use the discount in your favor, right? Using promo links or coupon codes you can get around 30% discount by some well-known web hosting companies. Well, you definitely wouldn’t throw away this opportunity to save some money, would you?

Become an Affiliate

Did you know that you can earn money from web hosting providers and get their service practically for free? It is possible to save and also make money if you become an affiliate to certain web hosting providers. There are web hosts which provide affiliate programs to customers.

First, check out which web host providers offer this service and then apply for it. You will get an affiliate link which you’ll have to share with your family, friends, and everyone who is interested in choosing a web host provider. When some of those people use the affiliate link to purchase a web hosting service you will get money or discounts. Just by promoting a certain web host company you will get your service for free. Isn’t that a great way to save money from the very start?

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Wait for Special Offers

If you are not in a hurry, then you should wait for special offers at days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. On both days, quality web host companies offer some great deals and discounts of up to 70%. This is an opportunity to just go for the best deal and save a lot of money!

Buy the Domain Name & Host Together

Some of the hosting providers offer free domain names in their hosting plans. Some web hosting companies offer a free domain name throughout the first year. There is always an option to buy a domain name and hosting from two different providers, however, buying them from the same place is going to save you money.

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Sign up for a Host for a Longer Period of Time

Most of the discounts that hosting providers offer are for new users only. Web host companies do not really offer anything for users who are renewing the contract after a year of usage. That’s the reason why it’s better to buy hosting for a longer period of time and pay in advance because you will have a discount for the 4 or 5 years you choose to stay with that host. Before choosing a hosting provider for such a long period of time, make sure that you are choosing quality and saving money for the total discount they’ll give you for the long term contract.

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Saving money on a web hosting provider doesn’t mean choosing a cheap web hosting which will cause you headaches in the future. There are many tips and tricks that can save you money if you are a new user.

The best techniques to get discounts are: becoming an affiliate, starting with a shared hosting plan, choosing a long-term host provider, waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday for special deals, using promo links and coupons, etc.

So, if you are a new user why don’t you turn the points given above in practice and see that you can actually save some money for rainy days?