What Is Finn Balor Going To Do On Main Roster?

Source: sportskeeda.com

When we saw the debut of Finn Balor on the main roster, we knew that the company has really big plans for this wrestler. He was the number three pick in the draft for the Monday Night Raw, and it was for a good reason. They wanted to show the fans that he is going to be a big deal going forward.

He won the tournament that was supposed to determine the opponent for heel Seth Rollins at the Summerslam for the WWE Universal Title. What is even more shocking is the fact that he was the one to pin Roman Reigns clean. He is actually the last one to do it before Strowman did a couple of weeks ago. Still, the announcers made sure to point out that Roman is “hurt” as they were trying to sell those storyline injuries.

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The fact of the matter is that the company had big plans for him. They gave him the Universal title right away. Now, one big injury later and a big break later, he is now thrown into the mix on the red brand with no real things to work with. The fact that there is a five-way match for the number one contender’s duel. Without that event, he really wouldn’t have anything to do on Raw which is a real shame.

He can win that match and go on to face Lesnar, but the company is probably not going to put him in that situation. The gut feeling here is that Rollins and Reigns are the number one favorites to go on and face the Beast going into the summer. Right now it seems that Balor is the most unlikely one to end up victorious in this battle and nobody really knows what is he going to do as we are heading towards the summer part of the season.