What is SEO – Do I Need SEO?

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You must have seen the term “SEO” all over the Internet. You don’t need to worry because it is not complicated as it sounds and we will explain it in simple terms. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the name of the activity which increases your rankings in the search engine. Everyone needs an expert for this job, and one of the best places to start is to hire SEO Expert in Delhi.

In other words, your web pages have the potential to be ranked in Google as long as the other web pages link to it. But what is the condition for that to happen?

Content is Key

Content is a crucial element of every website because it allows people to link to your page and show the search engine that your page has the authority and it is interesting to others. That is why, for instance, linking to Wikipedia is positive – it shows that you have done a research before writing a text as Wikipedia is known as the high-authority site everyone visits on a daily basis. Google aims to show interesting and authoritative pages first. It is that simple!

How Rankings Work?

If you are starting from scratch, bear in mind that you need to create a web page which is authoritative. This means that you need to provide valuable content that will help other people in a certain way. Valuable content is therefore shared on social media, and it can reach various blogs, twitter feeds, and your webpage is indicated as a source.

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It takes some time to build a powerful page, but eventually, Google will pick up on these signals, and your rankings will be improved. Once you create a virtuous circle, your websites will keep appearing on the top. However, note that search engines often change which is why you need to be aware of the trends.

Guide to Improving Search Results

The outsiders might have a hard time understanding what SEO is. Even some SEO companies will bore you to death, and they will try to blind you with science. But in its essence, SEO is not that difficult. There are several steps you need to use to get noticed by Google that will, later on, improve your rank.

Your writing must be flawless and the content useful. It has to contain words and phrases that are actually used by people interested in those products or services. Furthermore, if it is easy and understandable, people will share it and link to it. And that is all you have to do!

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What about Linking?

The quantity and quality of your links should not be a huge concern. Links are among the most important aspects of building a good website. These are contradicting statements, but they are both true. If your content is great, the links will come naturally. You will know what to link from the start, and you will not be worried about it. Have you seen any amazing sites linking to poor quality content?

How much does it cost to hire SEO Specialist?

SEO experts do their jobs well, but everything about SEO can be learned. All you need is time, and you will get there. On the contrary, if you don’t want to deal with any of these, affordable SEO services in Delhi might draw your attention. Don’t worry about the price and look for this as an investment rather than spending.


Now that you know that SEO is nothing scary, you can start working! Understand what kind of content would interest your clients. Always bear in mind that content you produce must be easy to read and useful. But if your website isn’t working as you expected, you can always contact the experts!