What Makes Zanzibar Unique from Other Beach Destinations

img source: discoverafrica.com

For many years, even before today’s extensive airline availability made all parts of the world accessible, travel companies often used images of a desert island on the front covers of their brochures. You can picture it now, can’t you?

Beautiful white sands fringed with palm trees, clear blue water and a cloudless sky. Such places certainly exist in the South Seas and the Indian Ocean. A beach holiday is a great escape from the daily routine at home with such warm seas often ideal for swimming, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing with the wind blowing through your hair.

There are resorts all over the world offering to fulfill your dreams of a holiday in a relaxing environment. Could we suggest the island of Zanzibar off the Tanzanian Coast can offer all of that, and a little more?



Zanzibar’s Coast

Zanzibar is just not far from the Tanzanian mainland and covers over 3,000 square kilometers so it is easy to reach any part. There is windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba diving in the warm waters. We can recommend a number of beaches that you will enjoy, try Nungwi Beach on the north coast, perhaps Kendwa, Paje/Jambiani and Matemwe/Kiwengwa.

The South East Coast is a surfers’ paradise with companies available to rent equipment. Advice is available about the best places to surf and it is certainly a place where absolute beginners can give surfing a try.

The North West coast is a good place for swimming at both high tide and low tide. There are refreshments near at hand and its Full Moon parties are becoming increasingly popular.

This part of East Africa’s coastline has earned a deserved reputation of being amongst the best deep-sea fishing spots in the world. Impressive Sailfish, marlin and tuna are caught on rods during the extensive fishing season which corresponds with the high tourist season on Zanzibar.

If you want a little excitement to go with the suntan you will get lying on the beach, give it a go. You may need help landing a large specimen, but we can assure you, you will get a real adrenalin rush if you hook one of these fish.


What Makes Zanzibar That Little Bit Special?

Our past is filled with historical and cultural gems. It has been trading in spices for centuries and therefore had extensive contact with other parts of the world long before other places. Because of its history, the population is truly multicultural and those lucky enough to live on the Island have every right to believe that they are living in their own little piece of paradise.

A family holiday needs something for everyone and while the kids may be happy every single day down at the beach, there is a chance that this is not for everyone. It means that other attractions, even if just for a day or two away from the beach, should keep everyone happy.

Here are some of the reasons why we believe the case we make for Zanzibar is so strong:

  • Zanzibar is a genuine spice island. It is one of the few places where saffron is still grown successfully. Those exotic spices, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, pepper and cloves are all found here, and tours can be booked to learn more about spices. Imagine the flavors you will taste on your dinner plate using the freshest of seafood as well.
  • If you are exploring type, there are caves and forest trails to investigate. There are plenty of guides to help but make sure you have plenty of water and a hat on a hot day. Zanzibar’s vegetation means that it is one of the few places that can support a colobus monkey population so keep your eyes open in the forests.
  • Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The trading center, and also the place where the slave trade flourished in its time. The location of the old slave market has a small museum although we feel that more information would increase its appeal. Stone Town is a mix of Moorish, Africa, Middle Eastern and Indian and although it is no longer in the best of conditions, there is plenty to see without having to walk too far. We certainly recommend the Arab Fort, the House of Wonders and the market is one of the largest open-air markets you will find anywhere.



TheZHotel find it difficult to criticize a beach holiday on Zanzibar. When you are thinking about what you want from a dream holiday, give some thought to whether you want a little bit more than white sand and clear blue sea. If you do, can we suggest you look at their lovely island in the Indian Ocean just off the Tanzanian Coast of East Africa? It is unlikely that you will regret it.