What the Acquisition of Movirtu Means for BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY)?

There was a time when BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) dominated the Smartphone industry. But with the launch of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhones and a series of other rival devices operating on Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s operating device, it gradually lost its market share. In the latest reshaping efforts, BlackBerry has bought UK Mobile Technology Startup named as Movirtu. It will expand its portfolio of services and will equally fulfill the need of corporate as well as government clients.

Innumerable benefits

With the acquisition of Movirtu, BlackBerry has opened new ways for its success. The new software will allow customers to have multiple phone numbers on one single device. The feature is termed as virtual SIM technology that will allow users to have a personal, as well as a business number on the same device. However, the billing for data, voice and messaging will come separate of individual numbers.

Employees will find it convenient to stay connected with work and personal contacts without the additional burden of carrying multiple devices or SIM cards. IT administrators can use Movirtu technology to restrict emails and calls to a work number after a defined time. They don’t need to block personal emails or calls on the same device.

Focus on recurring revenues

BlackBerry is implementing well the new approach of creating recurring revenue sources in value-added services. The add-on services will not only open the revenue sources for company but will also create value for enterprises. John Chen, the CEO, has started many initiatives to support the falling market share of BlackBerry. The company opted for the asset sale to get extra funds. It also raised funds by selling its real estate holdings.
The focus is shifted on making its manufacturing and supply chain strong. Acquisitions are also a part of the strategy. BlackBerry also acquired Secusmart in July this year. Chen is taking calculated measures to reshape the company by focusing on its core strengths including mobile device management and mobile data security.