What to Look for in an Academic Tutor


Many students feel their academic tutor is not compatible with them. This can be a big problem for the student, especially if they’ve picked their tutor based on their academic knowledge. However, the compatibility between a student and a tutor is not dictated by the tutor’s background, so if you want to increase the chances of finding the best tutor for you, here is what to look for.

A personal connection


You don’t have to find a friend in your chemistry tutor, but you do need to look for someone who can connect with you. The relationship between the student and their tutor needs to be as good as possible, in order for the student to improve their academic results. This is because you need to feel respected, safe and comfortable with your tutor to be able to learn from them.

Attention to your needs

A good tutor can follow their student’s needs and stimulate them by finding ways to study the subject in a pleasant way. For example, if you are sensitive to frequent corrections, your tutor needs to understand this and adjust their teaching methods accordingly. Empathy plays an important role in the relationship between a student and their tutor, as well as their learning/teaching style. Some people are motivated by challenges, while others are motivated by their small victories. Your tutor needs to discover what motivates you and work with it while teaching.

Your level also counts

A good tutor who is a perfect fit for their student is aware of the student’s intellectual capacity and development. A small child responds to different teaching methods than a teenager, for example. The tutor’s ability to adjust their method to the child’s age is essential for the success of their relationship. The student’s age and level of knowledge on the subject will tell the tutor how much time each session should last. A long session can easily exhaust or bore the student, while a short session might not reach its purpose. Another important detail about the tutor is their ability to adjust their lingo to their student understands abilities and knowledge. Your tutor knows a lot more about the subject than you do, so they must be able to explain the concepts in such a way you can understand them.

Encourage participation


A good relationship between a tutor and a student is one where the latter is active during the sessions. There are studies which show the student’s participation is a direct indicator of the tutor’s success, so if you notice your tutor is not interested in your participation, you need to change the way you collaborate. Before you actually hire a tutor to ask to see one of their sessions. If you see the student is active, there are high chances you’ve just found your best tutor.

Finding the best tutor for you is just part of the work, as you still need to focus and learn, working hard to pass your class or reach your desired level of knowledge. Do your best to take advantage of each session, even if you have to voice your needs to your tutor.