What to Write Inside Christmas Cards


Christmas cards are a staple of the holiday season. Usually featuring well wishes and updates on how the family is faring, Xmas greetings should be a no brainer. But there are a lot of different people who you need to remember to send Xmas messages to and knowing what to write for each and every one of them can be a struggle. What you write to your family should not be what you write to fellow employees. This is a comprehensive look at what you should write for different types of people from Christmas Connections (https://www.christmas-connections.co.uk)

Mum and Dad


When you live far away from your parents, sending Xmas cards is a good way to update them on how you are doing. The people who raised you deserve a unique and loving card. Make sure your greeting shows how thankful you are for them. Talk about the big events going on in your life and how you wish they were there to experience them with you. Maybe talk about your love life, or lack of. Anything you think your parents should know about, be sure to tell them. And throughout the entire note, be sure to tell them how much you love them. You’ll never know how many Christmases you’ll have with your parents, so make each and every Christmas card count.

Significant Other

Many people hope to be spending Christmas with their significant other, but sometimes life or work gets in the way of that. If you will be spending it away from them, then a Christmas card is a good thing to send. It will just be like sending a love letter. Tell them how much you miss them and how excited you will be when you two are reunited. Make sure they know exactly how much you love them. Sometimes significant others won’t know that, so it is nice to tell them as much as possible. And finally, be sure to thank them for being here for you.


Similar to your parents, you will probably be spending Christmas away from your siblings. So be sure to send a card that includes them. Reminisce over childhood memories and petty rivalries the two of you shared. Be sure to focus on the fondest memories and inside jokes. The card should be something that just the two of you get, to make it unique. And if you two have been arguing, be sure to tell them that you still love them. It will go a long way with healing old wounds.



Christmas cards for friends are some of the most casual cards you will send. You will be catching up with friends that you may not have seen for a few years. So, try to pick up right where you left off. Give updates on your life, like potential partners or how the kids are doing. If you are sending a card to friends you regularly talk to, then you don’t have to provide updates. Instead, just tell them to have a good holiday. Whether or not you’ve talked with them recently, a Xmas card is a nice show of friendship.


Sending Xmas cards to co-workers can seem a little odd, but it does happen. And when you do send one, the message should be a little formal. This is in a business environment after all. The greetings should be short and sweet. Write a season greeting and then follow it with a hello. Even if you don’t know your co-workers that well, it can build connections and moral by sending greeting. It will let your fellow employees know that you care about them. And that can go a long way in starting a friendship.