What You Need To Do To Keep Your Ducts Clean


Whether you are in love with summer heat or you dread extreme heat and humidity, we all do everything possible to have clean indoor air, at least for the sake of our health. Since most homeowners leave their HVAC system running for many hours, especially during the summer, in order to regulate indoor temperatures, this increases the occurrence of respiratory problems brought about by dirty air circulated throughout the rooms. This air is normally contaminated, especially if the ducts in your home are dirty. That is the reason why experts recommend to have duct cleaning before the onset of summer.

So, keeping your ducts is a guaranteed way to ensure that all the dust, allergens, animal dander, dirt, and pollen are eliminated, and it is not circulated in your house since there is no place to be blown to. Here are essential things you should opt for to enhance the quality of air in your home during the coming summer. Take a peek. Click here on comfortclean to learn more.

Dust Consistently And Vacuum Regularly


The indoor is likely to be more contaminated than the air outside. And considering the fact that your family spends most of their time inside to avoid scorching heat and cold, long hours of exposure to contaminated air can affect their health. 

To eliminate dust and other particles in your home, it is advised to dust the floors consistently and vacuum it regularly. Pet dander, pollen, and dust find their way on the surfaces of the rugs and carpets, but when you choose to vacuum at least weekly, that helps reduce the dust mites and dirt in your home. Bear in your mind that you’re not doing this to pass the time, you are helping your family to stay healthy from respiratory ailments. 

Consider House Plants


The importance of house plants cannot be underestimated. They purify indoor air, especially during the summer. It is not all the time you need air duct cleaning services to have quality indoor air. While the type of plants you choose might vary depending on where you live, it is recommended that you opt for indoor plants such as bamboo palms, spider plants, or Boston ferns. Whatever type of plant choose, this is an excellent way to incorporate nature in your home and bring in fresh breathe.

Replace Your Filters Every Month


During duct cleaning, you should get rid of the old filters and put new ones. Typically, when you buy an air filter, there are recommendations on after how long you need to replace them. The process of replacing them is also well explained in the manual, and there is no need to worry. Remember that if your air filters are clogged, the dust and debris get re-circulated back into your rooms, and this has adverse effects on indoor air quality. 

New replacement filters eliminate any airborne particles and keep airflow fresh and healthy as you want to be.

Request Air Duct Cleaning Services

These actions we have discussed above can be utilised to make your home more liveable. However, not all the cases you should apply these points. Sometimes the entire ductwork might be too dirty, and doing these things might only work to worsen the conditions. 

In this case, you should opt for professional duct cleaning. The experts will come and inspect your home first before deciding on the best thing to do. Remember, apart from being dirty; your air ducts might be broken. As such, they will need to be replaced rather than cleaning them as that will not have any positive impact.

Signs That I Need Duct Cleaning


There are various signs that show you need to clean your ducts.

  • If some of your family members have unexplained asthma, allergies, headaches, etc., the culprit could be your dirty heating and cooling unit. Airborne contaminants could be causing these ailments.
  • If you notice insect infestation in your air ducts.
  • If there is a bad odour coming from your air ducts.
  • If there are signs of mould growth in your ductwork and other hard surfaces such as metal or wood furniture in your home.
  • If when you clean your home before you finish, there is dust on your furniture.

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Keep your home and ducts clean with these tips!