What You Should Know About CBD OIL and Cannabidiol


The cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the active part of the cannabis CBD oil. This is one of many cannabinoids that you can find in the cannabis plants, along with the famous THC.

Unlike THC, it has no “stoned” effect, but calming effects and muscle relaxation. It is authorized in the U.K. and found in crystals, in creams, in oils, in e-liquids (for vaping). Europe and the U.K., have gone farther and offers in kiosks cannabis flowers with high CBD (15 -20 %) and low THC (0.2%), according to RoyalCBD.

The cannabis is now available to be shipped to any customer in the U.K., in France, or the rest of Europe and CBD products are also recognized as legal cannabis by the new European laws, states JustBob.

CBD oil and benefits


According to flawlesscbd.co.uk CBD has significant therapeutic potential. It is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antiemetic, anxiolytic, hypnotic, and antipsychotic. Although studies are needed to confirm its potential.

Brief history

The chemical structure of CBD was discovered in 1963


It is in the context of studies and researches about epilepsy, but also with studies on schizophrenia, that science has been able to show the many advantages and benefits of the CBD oil and other CBD products. Epidiolex, a drug based on CBD, is now recognized as one of the best treatments for epilepsy, especially with children

Internationally, top athletes have helped to popularize the CBD, such as the American athlete combatant Nate Diaz, who says use it as a muscle relaxant, the product passing doping controls.

Aspect: what does your CBD look like?

CBD is commercially available in various forms: CBD oil is probably but the best, but you will also find CBD in creams, oil, crystals (99% pure), in e-liquid (with dosages ranging from 10mg / ml to 100mg / ml). In the U.K., cannabis very low in THC (less than 1%) and strong in CBD is sold online.



According to the Ministry of Health, CBD (obtained by extraction) “appears to be legal” and is considered a dietary supplement. The Ministry explains that this is a departure from the legislation. But on the other hand, it should not be presented as a drug or as a product that makes the effect of cannabis.

Besides, the Ministry sets conditions for this use. These products must be reserved exclusively for vaping and not contain more than 0.2% THC. So, cannabis in flower that comes from the best European suppliers, and that includes a lot of CBD but less than 0,2% of THC. Moreover, this variety does not appear on the list of types authorized by the decree of 22 August 1990, implementing Article R. 5132-86 of the Public Health Code for cannabis.

Where does CND oil come from?

The extraction of CBD from hemp is often in Spain, the Czech Republic, or even China. CBD powder arrives in the U.K. and in Europe, where it is mixed with other components and flavors. Varieties grown in Europe must respect the 0.2% THC limit, and not exceed 6% CBD. French hemp-makers are also faced with the impossibility of using hemp flowers, which nevertheless concentrate the majority of cannabinoids, including CBD, which must be destroyed.

The price

CBD is expensive and depends on dosages. To get good CBD, the problem lies in the extraction. Manufacturers use a technique called supercritical CO2 extraction. This method is relatively simple, and above all, extremely reliable in that it guarantees an entirely pure product. Still, the machinery necessary for the extraction of CO2 CBD is not a very widespread technology, which means that the installations have a high cost, even if the initial investment can be amortized over time.


But supercritical CO2 extraction will not specifically target CBD. This method brings out all the cannabinoids in a similar way (in particular, THC). Advanced techniques are required to further isolate cannabidiol from the other substances in the CO2 extraction product. This is where the price goes!

To compare the prices of e-liquids, it is necessary to find the price / mass ratio of the CBD of each product (or you can simply use this price comparison chart from AllBestCBDoil). That is, how much is an mg of CBD.

In general, the most interesting options from a price/concentration/ comfort point of view are large packs with a relatively high mass of CBD.

Storage of CBD oil

CBD oxidizes in the open, in the light, and when exposed to high temperatures for a long time. This oxidation is likely to alter the qualities of CBD and reduce its effectiveness. For this reason, we prefer to store the CBD liquids in a dark and cold place (around 20 ° C is good).

Dosages of CBD oil

Vaping: what dosage of CBD in an e-liquid

To begin, the more your electronic cigarette makes a dense vapor, the lower the dosage must be. The dosage also depends on your way of vaping in time: it is by a small session of 20 minutes or more spread over the length (for those who seek only the relaxing effect).

It is recommended to go gradually and step by step. We stay on at our own pace for about fifteen minutes; then we take a break.

Oral use of CBD oil

The oral effect allows only about 15% of the dose to enter the body. So, 7500 mg a day, if it is in capsules or compressed, it is about 100 mg real is a little more than 1 mg/kg. But oral bioavailability can be increased if CBD is taken with lipid. The absorption is much better in sub-lingual or e-cigs.

Consumption patterns

As vaporization, CBD reaches a peak plasma concentration in 5 to 10 minutes.

  1. Vaping

Cannabidiol can be dissolved in e-liquid (propylene glycol and glycerin) and vape with an electronic cigarette. In general, CBD vapers tend to find that flavors are more pleasing on moderate-power electronic cigarettes and “ordinary” tanks than on very advanced devices explicitly designed to multiply the taste. Be careful; your CBD e-liquids do not like direct sunlight, prolonged exposure to heat and air. For this reason, choose smaller tanks (2 ml) rather than war machines containing 5 ml and more.

  1. Sublingual

CBD can be dissolved in oil, water or glycerin, and can be put under the tongue in drops. The effect is immediate.

  1. Ingest

Ingesting can take up to two hours to take effect, and is not very useful since only 15% of the CBD passes the barrier. But by cons, it acts longer.

  1. Spray

We can also spray cannabis sold in The U.K. with minimal THC and a lot of CBD. You can also spray the extracts of CBD (crystals or wax) sold in the U.K.

  1. Smoke

In the U.K., you can find products with minimal THC and a lot of CBD. You can smoke or spray this cannabis oil.


The desired effects

The CBD would provide a feeling of calm, relaxation, muscle relaxation; it would relieve some pain while promoting sleep. At the therapeutic level, it could be used for seizures due to epilepsy, and it could have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antiemetic, anxiolytic, hypnotic, or antipsychotic effects. It could be useful in the treatment of anxiety, even at low doses (50mg). Besides, in vitro studies show that it has a role in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

CBD is also used to help stop cannabis

CBD is also used with cannabis to counterbalance the high effects of THC or some synthetic cannabinoids.