When Is the Right Time to Get a Pool?


Perhaps one of the best and most exciting home renovations one can make is adding a swimming pool to their backyard. It is not only a nice addition to the property but also an amazing space for having fun with family or friends and staying healthy and in shape.

If you are seriously considering installing one into your home or have finally made the decision to actually get it, you might have a lot of questions regarding the entire process. There are many important things to consider such as the size, shape, and placement of the structure, but another factor that holds importance is when to hire professionals and start building it.

Optimally, the answer would be – whenever you are ready and although this might be true when it comes to the financial side of things, making your decision based on the weather is a completely different story.


Sure, many professionals offer their services all year round but certain periods carry more benefits than others. And just because many people believe that spring is the optimal time to start, it does not necessarily mean that it is.

So let’s take a closer look at each season, discover why some are better than others, and see what benefits each can bring.

  1. Summer

The beginning and the middle of summer are the least optimal for installation since the best builders are still extremely busy and even if you manage to find ones that are not, the prices will remain pretty high. You also won’t be able to use your backyard once construction starts, meaning there is no way to enjoy all the fun outdoor summer activities. You will also have to wait a full year until you can use it.

On the other hand, if you are determined to go forward with constructing it, schedule it towards the end of the season since many builders will be finished with their projects, so you will have more options.

  1. Winter

If cost is your biggest concern then winter is the best to start building since the prices are the lowest and discounts abundant. However, construction might be impossible in some places due to harsh weather conditions or at the very least extremely difficult to conduct. Many professionals do not work during winter as well, so that is another thing to have in mind.

Make sure you purchase your structure before January since many manufacturers tend to drastically increase prices around the New Year and negotiating is rarely possible.

  1. Spring

Many people think of spring as the ideal time to finally realize their plans, especially since it means they will be able to use the swimming pool as soon as summer hits. But this is exactly what makes spring less than ideal for installation. Firstly, the demand is the highest, meaning it will be difficult to find good contractors which means that finding good deals is even harder as well. Secondly, this also means that manufacturers will have little to no incentive to lower their prices.

The job can also be delayed to due spring showers since they soften the ground and can cause flooding too. Considering everything that needs to be done and installed, you might not be able to use it until mid or late summer. If you want to read more about the things every homeowner should know before getting one, compasspools-sydney offers some great advice.

  1. Fall

Perhaps the best season for construction is fall since it offers a few benefits and only one drawback – you cannot go swimming until next year unless you live somewhere that is warm all-year-round.

Typically, fall offers mild, stable weather, a steady environment, and dry ground which enables the work do be done much faster. The demand is drastically lower, so you can not only find a contractor that best suits your needs but also get their undivided attention. Subsequently, the prices are much lower as well. You will be able to find discounts on many items, meaning you can save some money if you go for fall installation.

This season is also perfect for replanting and renovating your landscape so once the construction is finished, you will be able to work around the structure and decorate your backyard accordingly.

The Benefits

There are so many great things about having a place to swim in your home. Not only is it a great form of exercise that will keep your entire family fit and healthy but it is also a nice addition to your property since it can increase its value.

During the hottest months, you will always have a place to cool off, not to mention that it is an amazing outdoor entertainment area, so you can host amazing dinner parties or barbecues for friends and extended family. Birthday parties can be even more fun, especially for children.

There is no better way of spending some quality time with your spouse and children than hanging around the pool, swimming, or playing fun games together without ever having to leave your home.

You will also be able to fully control the chemicals that are used in the water, so you will not have to worry about anything harmful being put in it.


What about health?

Well, it not only helps you maintain a healthy weight but it keeps your heart and lungs in peak condition too. This all-over body workout tones the muscles and builds endurance but can also improve your posture, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Not to mention that it is a great way for an individual to relax and get rid of any stress they might have.


At the end of the day, it is completely up to you to decide when the ideal time for installation is. Surely, it will depend on a few factors, but do consider the advantages and disadvantages you will get due to your choice.

However, no matter what you opt for, in the end, you will have a great place to have fun with the people you care about, relax whenever you need to, and stay healthy and in shape in the process as well.