Top 10 Pet Toys Which Are Good For Their Health

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Having a dog is surely one of the greatest things in life. It brings us joy, happiness, and love into our lives while also entertaining us. But, dogs are not here just to please us, they won’t be in this world as long as we are, so why not ensure that they live their best life possible. Keeping your happiness can be difficult at times when he or she becomes bored with its old toys. This is especially a problem in the winter days when it is too cold outside for long walks and playing catch.

However, you cannot simply skip out on playtime during the winter altogether, you still have to do everything you can to keep your pet happy and socialized. The more you play, the stronger the connection between both of you. This is very important if it is your dog’s first winter season, you have to show him that cold weather does not necessarily mean the end of playtime.

Many experts recommend that you always have at least a few toys that are different in shape and size. This is very important for puppies because their teeth will be growing and they will want to bite down on something soft and hard. You do not want them biting your shoes, cables or something worse, so make sure they always have at least one toy to bite on next to them.

So, how do you find the “perfect” toy for your puppy? Does one exist? Well, different pets will have a different taste in toys. You will need to go through a trial and error phase to find out the type your puppy will enjoy. You can buy a bunch of them for a low price and then watch him closely over the next few days to see which one he/she favors. Then you will be able to buy him a nice toy that he will enjoy for the years to come.

Now that we have gone through the basics of pet toys, it is time to show you the list of what we consider the top 10 pet toys which can be good for their health.

1. Treat dispenser/puzzle

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If you feel like your pet is simply eating too fast and does not hold back, that can be a problem. Eating too fast can become a serious problem if you do not treat this problem early on while your dog is still just a puppy. Normally, puppies do not have teeth when they are still very young or they have baby teeth, which are not very effective in breaking down dry food. So, instead of chewing, they settle for swallowing. This might be fine while it is still young, but if they continue this habit through their adult life, health problems might appear.

This is why you should consider getting them a treat dispenser or a treat puzzle toy. Not only will this teach them to be calmer and more respectful towards their food, but it is also an exercise for their minds.

2. Tug of War Rope

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This is definitely every dog’s favorite toy. It is extremely durable and can be found for a pretty low price. It is soft enough so it won’t hurt your pet’s teeth, but the knots on the rope ensure that it will never break down.

It gives you the ability to build a relationship with your dog like never before. Both tugging at one end of the rope is a great time for your pets and shows just how much you want to play with them. The tugging also helps to keep the dog’s teeth healthy. If you are looking for other toys that are good for your dog’s health, read more here.

3. Any kind of ball

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What kind of dog does not love a ball? Whether it is a small one, a medium-sized one, or a big one, your pet will start having fun with it the moment you bring it home. If your pet does not show any interest in the ball you bring home, consider getting one of those that gives you the ability to place a treat inside of it. This will be enough of a motivation to keep your dog happy and entertained.

4. Plush toys

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In the past, dogs were very good hunters, which is why they were considered to be one of man’s best friends. They would help us hunt and track any kind of animal.

However, times have changed and we do not go out hunting anymore as much as we did in the past. Most of us have never experienced a hunt in our life, and it is also the reason why dogs do not hunt anymore. But, that does not mean you cannot bring this joy in their lives.

With an animal-like plush toy, you can give your pet the idea that they are hunting an animal. Not only will it be entertaining for them, but it will also constantly keep them in shape.

5. Treats

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Right, this might not be defined as toys, but they make your dog happy and fulfilled. So, make sure that you always have at least one treat in your pocket.

6. Rawhide bones

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This is one of the best toys/treats you can give your pet. These usually have a bone-like shape made from rawhide that is quite durable, so your pet will spend a lot of time chomping down on this. If you ever need some alone time to work or exercise, just give them one of these and they won’t bother you for the next few hours.

7. Frisbee

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Dogs love running and we all know that. But, sometimes, we cannot be bothered to run after them every single day outside, but with a frisbee, you can ensure that they will get their daily exercise without you spending too much energy.

8. Tennis balls

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We already mentioned balls in this article, but I think tennis balls really do deserve a rank of their own. They are most pet’s favorite, they are bouncy and durable, what more do you need?

9. Snuggle toy

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If you regularly leave your pet home alone, but you cannot afford to get another one to keep them company, consider getting a snuggle toy. With this, they will have a “new” friend to play and sleep with while you are away.

10. Wild Knots Bears

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Quite similar to tug-of-war ropes, but they come in the shape of a bear making them quite more interesting than a basic rope.