When Will Samoa Joe Return?

Source: wwe.com

Samoa Joe has become one of the main players on the Monday Night Raw brand. You don’t get two straight main events in a championship match against Brock Lesnar if you are not good and the company does not believe you. He has been amazing on the mic and very believable in the ring, which is what makes his character so great and so unique. The fact of the matter is that a lot of fans were pushing for him to win the title just because he was so great during the build up for both of those battles.

At Summerslam, he really didn’t get a lot of time to shine as Braun Strowman was under the spotlight, but still, Samoa Joe wasn’t going to remain without a direction as he had a match scheduled with John Cena for the first Monday Night Raw after the fallout show from Summerslam on August 21st. But, he got hurt while battling Cena during the live event, so he is going to be out of action for some time.

Source: denofgeek.com

After that tag team main event with Reigns, The Miz and John Cena, Samoa Joe was setting up his new feud. Those plans had to be scratched as he injured his knee. Luckily, it is not a serious injury and we expect him to return sooner rather than later.

Actually, according to Dave Meltzer, Samoan Submission machine is going to be back at the end of the month of October. We might even see him before that, but our guess is that he is going to show up as soon as the build for the Survivor Series pay per view beings.