Should Jeff Hardy Win IC Title?

When the Hardy boys were rumored to be coming back to the WWE, everybody expected them to return as a team while being broken. Even though they did come back as The Hardy Boys, they held on to their Team Extreme gimmick that they used back in the day. GFW doesn’t want to let them use something that they have made so popular over the past two years, and it is a shame that they are still holding a grudge against them.

Just a few weeks into their run on the main roster, the rumors were swirling around that the Hardy Boys could be splitting up as Vince thinks that Jeff might have a great singles run in him. Back in the day when he was making his original run with the WWE, there were a lot of bigger guys on the roster, and they made Jeff look smaller. Now, since the wrestling business has changed and it is not all about the look, Jeff actually looks like one of the bigger guys in the ring. That is something that Vince McMahon is always going to appreciate.


The best chance for this guy to get into the singles storyline is for him to go up against The Miz for the IC Title. That is something that fans are going to love. There is no doubt that when these two are not broken, Jeff is much more popular with the casual fans than Matt is.

That is why him going up here against The A-Lister would be a good idea. IC title needs a new holder, and Jeff should be the first choice, especially if WWE has a plan on how to make Matt broken. Or maybe, something that we have heard over the past couple of weeks – awoken.