Where to Trade Cryptocurrency?


So now, when you have decided to enter the digital world for trading cryptocurrency, you might be wondering how to start? Where to invest? Which are the popular exchanges? And so on.

No more questions now because you have entered the right website. We will guide you with everything regarding the top 10 exchanges that allow smooth and trouble-free trading of cryptocurrency. After which you will be clear in choosing the most suitable exchange for trading.

What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?


For those who are truly new to this digital world, defining the term is necessary.

Like the traditional exchanges, which help us exchange from one currency to another, cryptocurrency exchanges are similar. These exchanges allow their customers to trade digital currencies or cryptocurrencies for other assets.

It includes both exchanges that are:

  •  Fiat money (cash) to Cryptocurrency
  •  Cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency

This shows that you have an option to trade cryptocurrency with your conventional money, that is the cash in your hand. That is simple and can be the initial step to learn things. Once you learn and gain enough confidence to reward your assets with profits, you can easily enter to crypto-to-crypto trading. However, previous knowledge of stocks is very helpful to make sufficient profits in the beginning and later.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Trading


There are a number of exchanges active currently, but the access might be limited in your area or might not have the particular cryptocurrency you want to buy, although it is noticed that beginners prefer to buy Bitcoin and some other famous coins to trade.

Since everyone is trading crypto to have their piece of the pie from the crypto market, it is essential to opt for the leading, user-friendly, and finest exchange. Move on and check the list given below to see where you can trade cryptocurrency:

  • Coinbase:


Let’s start with a simple and popular exchange, Coinbase. It has gained the attention of a significant percentage of beginners and other investors too. The reason it is called the exchange for novice investors; because it is extremely beginner-friendly. Moreover, if you choose to trade cryptocurrency through Coinbase, you can easily buy crypto using your USD.

The brokers are available for the exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Tezos, Litecoin, and many more. These are all traded with fiat currency with the availability in around 32 countries. However, the storage and transactions of Bitcoin are available worldwide in 190 countries.

  • Binance:


It is also one of the leading crypto exchanges. It allows the trade of over 200 crypto trading pairs. In terms of trading volume, Binance has proven to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange. It was founded and is led by Changpeng Zhao, who is a developer of many high frequency trading software. It is headquartered in Malta.

  • Bittrex:


It is also a high-quality exchange working with a number of coins. It is a US-based exchange that has been actively working since 2013. It provides the security of high grades. This platform is simple and convenient if you are willing to venture into crypto-to-crypto trading for starters.

  • BItfinex:


This exchange was initiated in 2012 and has its headquarter in Hongkong. It is owned and operated by iFinex Inc. This crypto exchange is able to offer trading pairs in many currencies like EUR, USD, AND GBP. They possess a significant variety of crypto. Make sure to take all the corrective measures while signing up.

  • BitMEX:


Have you learned and earned a lot from this digital industry? If yes! Then BitmEX is just the right exchange for you. It is led by professional developers, traders, and economists. It remains busy 24/7, which shows the high number of trades taking place all around the world.

  • Blockgeeks:


Do you want an easy exchange that can go well with a credit card? Blockgeeks is definitely going to be your choice. Your payment for the purchase of Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin can be made through your credit card. You may learn regarding blockchains from this platform.

  • CEX.io:


CEX.io is also a beginner-friendly crypto exchange. Being an easy exchange to use and manage, it has many of the advanced trading features. Experienced investors are highly welcomed if they also have been a part of traditional platforms or stock markets. It serves more than 95% of the world, which also includes 24 states of the United States. It is a fiat- to crypto exchange; this is also the reason it is useful for beginners.

  • Kraken


Kraken is a US-based exchange having a secure form of trading from the last five years. Being the largest exchange from fiat-to-crypto, it has a large number of accessible pairs in comparison to many other exchanges. Advanced traders can find all those features that they might be looking for in many leading platforms. Moreover, the fee is relatively low, according to the volume size.

  • Coinmama


A very uncomplicated cryptocurrency broker. It offers fast and simple ways of buying coins by using fiat currency. No need to store them on the third party exchange. Practical for all investors who expect to purchase cryptocurrency without any hassles, delays, risks of hacking, and lengthy registrations.

  • Prime XBT:


Prime XBT is an excellent platform being a next-generation exchange (from fiat-to-crypto). It offers cutting-edge trading tools, liquidity, and extremely high leverage from other crypto exchanges. These compiled features on Prime XBT makes it a top pick for the advanced traders. It is amazingly advantageous for all the investors willing to capitalize within a short span of time and price movements by using the top five coins.

This was a brief introduction about the world’s famous cryptocurrency exchanges, for further, detailed descriptions regarding all cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and exchange rates you can visit the comparebrokers site. It is the website that has accumulated all the relevant information in one platform, merely for your ease. It will make your research convenient, and you can also find guidelines for trading cryptocurrency from/ within your country.

Trading cryptocurrency is exciting and profiting, and you will definitely find many opportunities to grow. Be wise and smart to learn the best ways that can lead you towards desired results.