Which one is better Propane or Electric Smoker – Flavour That All Foodies Love

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Are you stuck choosing between propane and an electric smoker? Probably you yearn to forget the hassle that comes with a charcoal one. If yes, today is your lucky day. In this article, I review the features of propane and electric. I will also highlight the pros and cons of an electric and propane one. 

 Equipped with the information I am just about to discuss, you will be able to choose the best option for you. Enough talk already. Let’s get right into the comparison of propane and electric ones. If you are interested more about this topic, visit gadgetspicker.

What’s the main difference between propane and an electric device?

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The main difference between these two devices is the fuel used to power them, just like their names suggest. Electric smokers use electricity to heat chips, which in turn produces smoke. The majority of the propane ones will be powered by tanks of propane gas, while others will use natural gas. 

Temperature control

Controlling temperatures in an electric is way easier than in propane. Most electric ones hit up to 275F and can maintain this temperature for the entire day. You have to push a button and wait for it to hit your target. 

 Having your propane one maintain a steady temperature is tough. Propane smokers heat between 225-275F. They can also be stimulated to hit between 350-400F. Running at such a high temperature is a useful feature if you want to improve the texture of your meat, especially your poultry.

The ability of an electric is to maintain lower temperatures, around 90F, is an excellent feature for cold smoking. 

 So for the great texture of your meat, propane will take the day. For quicker temperature control and cold smoking, electric will emerge triumphantly.

Ease of Use

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 Using an electric one is more comfortable than using a propane. When using an electric, all you need to do is set your temperature, and wait for around 15 minutes for your device to heat up. With a propane one, be ready to adjust the flow of gas regularly. 

 You cannot multitask with propane. You will need to stay around and monitor the entire process. You can catch your favorite show or run some errands at the mall while using an electric device. You don’t need to keep an eye on the food while smoking with an electric one. You can get other things into place and check your device after an hour or so. 

Taste of food

Hands down, propane would give an electric one a run for its money when it comes to the flavor of food. 

 Propane would produce more smoke than an electric one. More smoke means a more defined smoky flavor- what we all yearn for. 

 If you value flavor more than anything, you would be happy with propane. 


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Propane ones are easily portable. Remember, you need an electric socket to power your electric cooker. For outdoor events such as campouts, a propane one would be the best option. 


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 The cost of electric and propane device would vary from brand to brand. However, the initial price tags of electric ones would be slightly expensive than those of propane. 

 The big difference, however, comes in the cost of running the device. I cannot tell you exactly which is cheaper than the other one. This is because the price of gas and electricity vary from place to place. However, in most areas, electricity is less expensive than gas. 

 Pros of electric

  • Controlling temperature is easy with an electric one. You can adjust the heat by just turning the buttons. Some would come with a remote control that allows you to adjust the temperature. There are simpler units that enable you to adjust the temperature from high, low and medium. 
  • An electric is a safer option for your health. They do not emit combustible gases, which may cause harm if your space is not well-ventilated. 
  • They are friendly for ‘lazy-smokers’ or multitasking. 
  • They are ideal for cold smoking and smoking delicate foods such as cheese and fish.

Cons of electric

  • Unsuitable for outdoor events 
  • Unreliable because electrical power can go off while you are still smoking
  • It doesn’t attain higher temperatures like propane one

Pros of propane

  • The flavor of smoked food is better than that of electric
  • It is easily portable and reliable
  • It is suitable for smoking at extremely higher temperatures; thus, ideal for improving the texture of poultry skin

Cons of propane

  • The combustible gas released may be harmful to your health
  • It is difficult to control temperatures in a propane


Smoking foods is an art that gives food an incredible smoky flavor that all foodies will die for. However, the one you choose will determine how much you will be enjoying it, and how tasty your smoked feasts would be. There is no best one. The secret to enjoying smoked foods and the process is choosing what is convenient for you. I would, therefore, recommend that you weigh the features, pros, and cons of an electric one and those of a propane smoker. Settle for what is suitable for you.