Different Types Of Men’s Underwear

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When it comes to men’s underwear, things are pretty clear. Men are quite simple about their laundry. The most important thing is that it should be comfortable. That means it should not clamp where tightening is by no means comfortable. Besides different types or more popular models, some other things like the material and functionality should also be taken into account.

The Brief History

The Time When Pants Were The Only Clothes

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Men’s underwear may have existed before, but the first documents were connected to ancient Egypt. Egyptians were known for wearing a pair. Men wore them on their thighs. It was a piece of cloth wrapped around the hips in various ways. As a matter of fact, it was almost all of the clothes! The situation was similar in ancient Greece and Rome, though men were often worn toga without anything underneath.

Medieval Underpants

During the mid-century, loose pants fastened at the waist, were both – underwear and a piece of clothing. Since then, long pants have been irreplaceable for a long time. Fashion has entered this area for practical reasons. At least, so says the legend by which the English king Henry VIII, who suffered from syphilis, introduced the use of special underpants with a bag – a cloth-shaped flap.

To reduce the itching, Henry put medical and herbal linings in these “underwear bags”. To make it all look beautiful, the “bags” were embellished with embroidery, decorative ribbons, gemstones, and even bows.

Modern Times

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The first thing that men accepted from women was a jumpsuit. Complete body underwear, in one piece. In the twentieth century, boxers and plain pants were prevalent. Whites were modern, and today you can find them in all colors and patterns. The latest “invention” is – half pants. Is it ordinary swimwear that has only one half or is it the flag of manhood lowered in half a spear?

We are not so sure. But, whatever you choose, it will excel in your taste, needs, or at least you’ll draw someone’s attention. It is only important that you choose the functional, comfortable and made of quality materials.

How To Choose Your Style?

The primary task of panties is to be comfortable and made out of quality and natural material. The basic task that men’s underwear needs to accomplish is comfort. On the other hand, practicality has always been imperative in every form of men’s fashion.

Although it is “just men’s underwear” – styles may vary. New tendencies are twofold. Some styles insist on the simple cuts and fashion promoted by Marlon Brando in the 1950s. On the other hand, there are newer far more provocative models. By that, we mean “low waist” and emphasized sensuality. However, this style also goes back in time and is led by men like Jean-Paul Belmondo in the movie “Breathless”. What is common to both styles is first and foremost – comfort and quality materials.


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When it comes to materials, today’s choice is much wider than it used to be. Particular attention is paid to health, hygiene, and functionality. So today we have brands that rely heavily on the quality of the materials. They are primarily natural and can provide breathability so your skin can breathe. Also, there are special moisture-wicking materials that will keep hydration at its normal level. Men’s underwear was ignored until recently because it is not visible to everyone’s eyes. Check out The Pack Underwear for a great collection.

What Can You Choose?

1. Boxershorts

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One of the popular models is certainly the so-called boxer shorts. Short, wide, these boxer shorts provide maximum comfort and convenience. They may be best with suits since they were first created for them. But, the fact that they are so wide is quite revealing at some moments, which men will certainly understand immediately, so maybe that is why they are not the best choice. They are good when you are at home or sleeping if you don’t like pajamas.

2. Semi-Boxershorts

The most popular are certainly boxer shorts, but quite narrow. Although it may seem uncomfortable to someone, this is by no means the case, since they are always made so that they are very stretchable and of a material that cannot tighten much. They are the best choice for men who wear tight jeans and trousers so that they do not draw lines from excess material.

3. Slip Pants

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In addition to boxer shorts, slip pants, which are quite like semi-boxer shorts but do not have socks, are very popular. They are essentially a modern version of what used to be plain men’s underwear. They are best for men who have wider or stronger thighs, so as not to tighten them too much.

4. Longer Boxershorts

In addition to these models, there are boxer shorts that are slightly longer. Also, these shorts like classic boxers or slips are great with tight pants, but they are also good in winter. This is also the best model for all those involved in sports, so if you are someone who trains frequently, runs or plays any sport, you will need them. Especially since they prevent thigh friction which can be painful.

What Type Is Fashionable Today?

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Original, imaginative and colorful designs made from different materials like lycra, silk and sometimes tulle – as a rule, raise a new question. Is there a clear line between men’s and women’s underwear today?

Men have long been “tough customers,” but today, men’s undies have opened its doors to fashion. Being fit and in shape today is implied. Men began to pay attention not only to their physical appearance but also to their fashion details. The tight cuts in boxer shorts and slips are already an everyday trend, although they are relatively recent. As for prints today, they are sophisticated, stylish and interesting. Research shows that if men buy printed underwear, they generally want to get someone’s attention, to provoke a reaction, or to send a certain message.

What’s the Phenomenon?

Recent research has confirmed that men rarely buy their underwear. The result of research confirmed that previously, during their childhood and teenage days, their moms buy it for them. Later,  their girlfriends or wives do the same thing.

Strangely, but even the biggest and most masculine men send women to buy undies for them. A bit strange since this garment is in direct contact with their masculinity. Experts claim that a Freudian analysis of such behavior would give a clearer insight into human relationships.