Which Shapewear To Pick for Your Body Type

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Shapewear is a great product to use for both women and men. It helps negate the image that comes across due to excess fat. It does not make you lose your weight in any way. However, what shapewear does help you with is hiding a number of different “sins” from the world. It helps you give off a slim figure, one that you do not have. Hence, shapewear is what you need in your lingerie wardrobe to give you a slimmer figure. Getting a slimmer figure with shapewear is a given. However, you can do a lot more with it even if you do not have a round body figure. Here are a few suggestions when it comes to picking the right shapewear composed with the help of HauteFlair.

For a Round Figure

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Having a small hip to waist ratio means that you have a round figure. For a round figure, you want something that slims down your waist while accentuating your hips. To get that for shapewear, you can use something like corsets and cinchers, which definitively slim down the waist. The other option that is bound to give your body shape the enhancement and boost it needs is a shaping cami that is able to go down the length of the torso and give a slimmer waistline.

Straight Figure

If you happen to be an athlete your body figure is going to be rectangular or straight. It’s more uniform rather than being curvy. Hence, to make this better, you need something that will give you more curves – a more hourglass figure or more imbalanced body proportions than what you have currently. For that, a cincher vest is appropriate since it slims down the waistline and makes the bust and hips more pronounced. Another option is the butt-enhancing shapers that give you an enhancement in the rear while slimming down your waist.

Hourglass Figure

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The figure that is bound to attract attention without shapewear doesn’t need a lot of changes or enhancements. However, what it does need is a bit of support to look even better than it does currently. If you have a thinner waist as compared to the bust and hips, you can enhance your look even more with some shapewear. An all-body shapewear suit is a good option. Just make sure to get one with the chest area removed. Another good option is a corset, it hugs the breasts, slims down the waist even more, and enhances the rear.

A Triangle Figure

A triangle figure suggests that you are either wider at the top or at the bottom compared to the rest of your body. If it is the former, what you need are enhancers that work on the waist and hips, such as panties and short. If you’re more shapely towards the bottom some thigh-slimming shapers and braless shaping camis’ are appropriate since the former slims while the latter enhances in the right place.