Who Is Going To Win AFC South – Colts or Texans?

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Indianapolis Colts have a lot of problems on their team. The defense is pretty weak, while their running game is a no-show almost every single round. Yet, this team is finding ways to make it work and win games. It’s all because of Andrew Luck. He didn’t have the greatest of the game yesterday against the Titans, but he still made some plays that helped his team end up victorious in this match.

Colts are actually the squad that has an elite quarterback. Texans don’t, and that is what gives the Indianapolis Colts a big advantage. He is the one that is going to make some big-time plays when his team needs it the most. Andrew Luck has done that throughout his career. Colts rely on him to get the job done, and he does get it done more often than not. Only imagine where they would be if he had adequate support and few guys to follow him.

Source: sportingnews.com
Source: sportingnews.com

Luck’s two touchdown’s and one interceptions is not a great performance as he completed just 15 of his 28 passes, but they still won. He is going to play much better in the future, and we think that the Texans are not going to be able to handle it.

They will meet again in Indianapolis this season, and we are picking them to win that game. They lost in Houston by just a couple of points, but that one could go either way as it was ended in overtime. They gave up the lead, but we don’t think that is going to happen twice. Indianapolis Colts are going to win the division over Houston Texans.