Buick Velite PHEV debuted on Guangzhou Auto Show


The 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show brought us something that has been long awaited from Buick, and that is its PHEV model called Velite. The Velite is supposed to serve the company as a template for many future vehicles that might come out as a part of their “Buick Blue” energy strategy.

Buick Velite PHEV Concept Design


The Velite is a concept crossover with swooped back style and is a preview of the upcoming PHEV model from the Buick brand. On the front, this model hosts very nice looking and wide grille with Matrix LED headlights which will from now on be probably the main feature and most recognizable addition on the future Buick’s “new energy” vehicles. The roofline is tastefully sloped down and leads to the tailgate that adds the fastback style to it. The body is made in a way that shows a muscular and sporty look which is achieved by strategically placing bulges and creases all around. To add upon all of that, the wheel arches have been filled with large alloy wheels that look and feel like they are truly a part of the cars body.

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What the fancy and futuristically built body hides underneath is the high-performance plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) powertrain hat has one feature that puts it ahead of all others, and that is its “modular intelligent electric drive system.” The funny thing is that the Buick didn’t want to disclose what that exactly means other that it has a modular lithium-ion battery pack. The interior is kept a secret still, and we hope that we will soon enough have some specific images that will show us what it is like inside the Velite. The US company, on the other hand, has informed everybody that we see “elegant” cabin and that its design managed to incorporate recycled materials, a panoramic sunroof and induction ambient lighting – which as the company pointed out shows the direction of upcoming new energy models. As standard everywhere, other features that will find its way into the cabin of the Velite is a WiFi hotspot, adaptive cruise control, low-speed autonomous driving assistant, night vision camera, and lane keep assist.

This concept, to those who do not know, is a product of a collaboration that Buick has with the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) and the Shanghai Automotive and Industrial Corporation (SAIC). If they keep up this kind of good work, well, then Buick doesn’t have to worry about its hybrid and electric car future. We just wouldn’t mind some additional info about their planned endeavors, so we can all have an insight in the greatness that is the Buick company.