Who Is Going To Win Women’s Money In The Bank Match If It Happens?

Source: inquisitr.com

There has never been a women’s ladder match for Money in the Bank briefcase, but the rumors are swirling around that this is the year when we get to see this one for the first time ever. If it happens, every woman from Smackdown Live roster would be in the competition, except the champion, Naomi. Since everybody is battling for the chance to challenge her, there is no need for the champion to be in the match.

That leaves Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Carmella and Tamina available for the show. Five women, only one Money in the Bank briefcase. If it happens, who is going to win this? Well, if it does, we think that Carmella is going to be the one to do it? Why?

Source: inquisitr.com

Well, Natalya is already over as a heel. The crowd appreciates what she does in the ring, they are familiar with her, so Carmella is a better choice. This girl also has Ellsworth alongside, that will certainly help her win this battle and to carry that briefcase around with her. She just seems like a perfect choice to win this kind of a match.

Right now, we don’t know if this is going to take place in three weeks. In the official plans for the show, it only says that there is going to be a second women’s match on the card, but it is not known whether or not that is going to be some kind of a tag match or the showdown for the first women’s MITB winner in the history of the company.