Who Is The Most Overpaid Player On The Cowboys?


When Tony Romo was getting paid all that money to sit on the bench, we knew who was the most overpaid player on the Cowboys roster. The same thing can be said for Dez Bryan when he was a member of the Dallas franchise, but now we know that he is not a part of the squad anymore. With those two gone, who is the guy that is earning way more than he should be?

One of the players that deserve to be mentioned is Sean Lee. Don’t get us wrong, we think that he is a great player. But, that comes with an asterisk. He is a great player, but when he is actually on the field, not nursing injuries.


That is where the problem is. His 6-year 42 million dollar deal is not going to be good for the Cowboys if he misses most of the season and the most important part of it like he did last year.

On the other hand, we have guys like Tyron Smith. His deal is going to cost America’s Team 17 million this upcoming season, which is a big hit on the Cowboys cap space.


When they had him sign an eight-year deal that had him scheduled to earn 97 million dollars back in 2014, everybody thought that it was a good move by the Cowboys.

After all, we are talking about a guy that is an All-Pro left tackle. The thing is that the front office made a deal to turn some of his base salaries into bonuses, so he is going to cost them way more than he did in the past. Hopefully, he is going to be healthy and ready to go for the Cowboys.

There is also still some dead money that is damaging Dallas franchise’s cap space, like Dez Bryant’s 8 million dollars, or Tony Romo’s 9 million dollars. Even though they are not a part of the team, they are costing the Cowboys a lot and are preventing them from having financial flexibility in free agency. That is why you can make a case that they deserve to be on this list after all.