Fast and Furious Producer Talks About Vin Diesel vs. The Rock Feud, Possible Spinoff


We all know that Fast and Furious is one of the biggest movie franchises ever. If you just take a look at how much money they have made, you are going to realize why this series is one of the best. Recently, producer Neal H. Moritz has talked about this franchise, why is it so popular, while also answering some interesting questions.

When he was asked about what has made Fast and Furious so successful, he said that it is the characters and the fact that they are changing and adding new ones, keeping something that the fans liked from the previous movie, while also adding something new that they are going to love in the future. So far, it seems that this formula has worked very well.

Everybody noticed that these movies were starting to come out every other year, but the producer said that it wasn’t planned to be like that. It just happened. They lay out the plan, try to make it work and that is it.

When it comes to this franchise having its own spinoff, the producer did mention that everybody liked the interactions between The Rock and Jason Statham, but that there just wasn’t enough screen time for these two. Because of that, he said that a spinoff would be a natural way to go.

Finally, he commented on the feud that Vin Diesel and The Rock had. He didn’t really take this question head on, but he did say that he has a lot of respect for both individuals and that he enjoyed working with them both. Everyone’s creative wishes are respected, at least he does respect them, and then he went on to explain that he is always going to try to make everything fit in the right place and make everything work.