Why do all Disney villains fall to their death?

Being extremely jealous and having a humongous ego are two main characteristics of every single Disney villain. However, they all do well in the beginning, and somewhere in the middle of the story, they get defeated by a valiant prince who is portrayed as an ultimate hero who saved the day.

We’ve explained the pattern, but there is one interesting peculiarity about how villains die in Disney movies. Have you noticed how during the struggle between the good and the evil villains always seem to tumble and fall to their death? Well, if you pay close attention you’ll realize that almost every single Disney villain ends up like that.

Let’s look at few examples, shall we?

1) Gaston’s death – It was a truly shocking moment when Gaston got pushed down from the top of the Beast’s castle flying to his death.

Source: poohadventures.wikia.com

2) Death of Maleficent – Remember when Maleficent morphed herself into a dragon while she fought Prince Philip only to fall from a rock and die in the end? Yet another plummet-to-death situation.

Source: deviantart.com

3) Lucifer the cat’s death – Lucifer also fell to his death from the top of the tower in Cinderella.

Source: pinterest.com

You are probably starting to see the pattern here and don’t think for a moment that these examples are the only ones. Some of the honorable mentions include Scar’s death (Lion King), Frollo’s death (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), Bear’s death (The Fox and The Hound), etc.

Never will you see a Disney villain get his head cut off or get blown up. Why? Simple, because of certain rules. There are rules about how Disney characters meet their makers. And a lot of people have realized this recently. There is even a YouTube edit of all deaths that involve falling in Disney movies.


Many have thought about why Disney strictly follows the same pattern when killing off characters and we now have two schools of thought on the matter.

1) It’s because many young kids watch these films and it is not advisable that they see gory deaths and gruesome details. Bad guy falls and dies, but the actual death happens off screen. That way kids don’t see nasty images of dying.

2) Disney doesn’t want to blame their hero for the death of the villain. It’s simple, murderers are not heroes. Well, not necessarily at least. If a hero isn’t directly responsible for villain’s death, he/she won’t have to deal with murder charges and tiresome court cases that would bore viewers to death. Sounds silly but it really makes sense.

Hope you enjoyed this article and if you want to know why Disney characters always have three fingers on each hand? Let us know in the comments section below!