Which Rookie QB Will Be The Dak Prescott Of 2017?

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Among all the signal callers that were drafted during the 2016 NFL Draft, a fourth round pick stood out. It was not Jared Goff that shined as the first overall selection. It was not Carson Wentz that stole the show during the 2016 season, even though he was quite okay. It was Dak Prescott that led his team to 13-3 record and the number one overall seed in his conference. This time around, we have some interesting rookie quarterbacks to watch, but which of them are going to stand out this season?

Mitch Trubisky was drafted by the Chicago Bears very early in this draft, and that surprised many people. He was rumored to go number one overall, but the Cleveland Browns opted for the safer option, defensive end Garrett. It is safe to say that people don’t expect Trubisky to have a good year. Some are even saying that he is going to be a huge bust.

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Patrick Mahomes was an interesting choice by the Kansas City Chiefs as he is the complete opposite of Alex Smith, their current QB. If things go south for Smith, Mahomes is going to step in and either have an amazing performance or a horrible one. He is a big-time risk taker and a gunslinger. That is a gamble for the Chiefs.

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The likeliest one to at least come close to what Prescott has done with the Cowboys in 2016 is DeShaun Watson. He has a great chance of being the starting signal caller for this Houston Texans team, just like Trubisky does with the Chicago Bears. The big difference is the fact that Houston has much better players around Watson and the fact that he is not going to be asked to do a lot as that defense is supposed to carry them all year long. That is why DeShaun Watson is going to be poised for a quite decent rookie campaign.

Source: www.chiefs.com