Why Jacksonville FL Is Great for Millennials?

Located in northeast Florida, Jacksonville is a city that consists of Florida’s youngest populations with even more flocking to the coastal city every year. While the state of Florida has been referred to as a “retiree state” for many years, Jacksonville, or “Jax,” as the locals call it, has been growing rapidly, providing a great place that can accommodate both senior citizens and millennials alike. With over twenty-two miles of coastal shores, low living costs and a developing downtown scene, Jacksonville is quickly proving itself to be a great place for millennials.

Warm Weather

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One of the simplest reasons younger people are beginning to move to Jacksonville has to do with the weather. Many millennials tend to move out of cities with colder climates, such as New York, Chicago, Michigan and Detroit, looking for warmer temperatures. Sunny weather also goes hand in hand with the miles of ocean coastline. Jacksonville offers beautiful beaches with warm weather that millennials will love to visit.

Cost of Living

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Jacksonville, FL is often referred to as one of the most affordable cities in America. The city offers millennials a place where the cost of living is comfortable and not so pressuring. Most millennials, either graduating from college or just starting out their career, can also find budget-friendly housing that won’t break the bank. With new apartments and real estate being developed every day, younger people are able to search the market for inexpensive and reasonably priced houses.

According to Forbes magazine, in 2016, newly developed housing and even beach homes were averaging $272,400 for a house. While most millennials won’t be interested in buying a house just yet, lower median prices can provide some security for the future when they do become interested. The additional benefit of Florida having no income tax is also an appealing factor to most people in general, let alone millennials.

Job Opportunities

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Millennials will be looking for somewhere to start their careers and Jacksonville’s job market offers plenty of opportunities for younger people. The city has a very low employment rate at around 4-5%, coming in well below that of the national average.

Jacksonville also has fast-developing financial and tech sectors compared to other cities in the United States. From 2013 to 2015, the city’s technological field grew more than 18% with an increase in available tech-related jobs. Jacksonville’s ever-expanding job market grants millennials the ability to begin and pursue any career that they desire.


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A while ago, downtown Jacksonville wasn’t considered as the place to be for millennials, but times have changed and so has Jacksonville. Downtown now offers a medley of arts and entertainment locales within the sprawling, urban scene. From places such as the historical Florida Theatre and the Daily’s Place Amphitheater, downtown Jacksonville encompasses a modern, metropolitan site where millennials will be able to visit and experience the contemporary art of Florida.

For those more interested in sports than art, the Sports Complex that hosts a number of leagues and events. The area also provides a great area to socialize at the Elbow entertainment district along Main and East Bay, a district replete with eateries and the sound of live music. Millennials who come to Jacksonville will find that downtown is filled with entertainment and spots perfect for socializing.

Millennials that are interested in moving to Jacksonville can hire professional services like Suddath Movers Jacksonville to handle all of their moving needs. Jacksonville has been labeled as a haven for senior citizens but now millennials are starting to discover all that the city has to offer.

Rich History

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This museum, which locals call MOSH (Museum of Science & History), is dedicated to nature, historical events and significant scientific achievements. On three floors there are exhibits that allow guests to learn about the structure of the human body, the life of ocean inhabitants and the history of the country.

Among the exhibits demonstrating the life of underwater animals, a huge life-size whale model stands out. It is near him that most tourists stop to take a memorable photo from Jacksonville in Florida. The Florida Naturalist’s Center has a collection of birds and reptiles that could die without human help. Here they feel good and are not at all afraid of visitors. More guests are attracted to the “Space Exhibits Hall”, where you can see real space suits and equipment that help maintain the life and health of people on the ship.


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Lovers of relaxation by the water and bright beach parties from all over the country are attracted by beaches in the vicinity of the city. That’s why Jacksonville is a great place to be. As elsewhere in Florida, the weather in Jacksonville pleases with stable heat, even in winter there are rarely frosts.

Surprisingly, even in high season there are not very many people on the beaches, so you can safely enjoy your vacation. On windy days, it is a real paradise for lovers of surfing and water sports. And on warm nights on the city beaches, beach parties so popular in Florida often take place. Representatives of youth from all over the country gather on the coast to enjoy the participation in them.


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Another reason to move to Jacksonville is its island. Just head to Fort George Island State Cultural Park. This spot is a collection of contradictions. Firstly, this is a historical landmark – the place of Fort George, built in 1736 to protect the southern flank of what was then the British colony of Georgia. This is a place of lush natural beauty, interesting wildlife and great opportunities for relaxation, as well as beautiful and calm silence.

And yet, it is also the site of The Ribault Club, Jacksonville’s most hoarse and brilliant club for the wealthy and famous in Roaring Twenties. A charge called Kayak Amelia can set you up for an island tour at the Segway intersection, or you can go boating, fishing, kayaking, geocaching, cycling, singing, canoeing, picnic and hiking.

You may not have heard of Amelia Island, about 20 miles north of Jacksonville. But rest assured, Spanish, French, English and Scottish, and some of them captured the island, lost it, and then captured it again. Amelia Island should be the most desirable place in America, because eight flags flew over it – more flags than anywhere else. In the early years, local characters on the island included pirates, riflemen, confederates, allied soldiers, escaped from prisoners and sailors who jumped on a ship.