Why Kenya Is So Awesome?


Kenya is no doubt one of the most unique countries on the African Continent. Whether you are looking for amazing views over hundreds of different wildlife species, relaxing on amazing beaches filled with all kinds of bars, restaurants, pools, and hotels or if you just want to hike through nature, Kenya should definitely be your next vacation destination. It is quite rare that all of these things can be found in just one country.

Many residents in this country claim that Kenya can be considered as one of the most beautiful places in Africa and maybe even the world, and honestly, we think that kind of an assumption might not be wrong. It does offer enough to be listed as the most beautiful.
The weather is simply perfect, you can visit and hike on incredible mountain ranges, beautiful views over the ocean and a rich culture that practices hospitality towards every tourist. So, if you are looking for another place to scratch off your bucket list, Kenya is definitely one of the places you must visit.
All of this sounds great I bet, but you want to know what exactly makes this land on the Planet Earth so awesome, right? Well, let’s get into it.

Nairobi is amazing


Nairobi is Kenya’s capital city and was built during the 19th century. You might think that just after 130 years, a city cannot be so developed. However with the creation of the British camp and the help of the British government this city got funded and supported which sped up its development considerably. In 1963 it finally became the capital city of Kenya. This quick development is also the reason why its infrastructure is so well planned.
You can find great apartments if you want to sleep in the city, but keep in mind that Nairobi does not sleep. It runs 24/7 with clubs, casinos, malls, and hotels, so you will never be bored if you plan to stay throughout the day or night.

Richest Wildlife


Another reason why a lot of people consider this country to be so awesome is that it probably has the richest wildlife on the inter Continent. If you go on a safari there is a good chance that you will see the Big Five which consists of the African elephant, African lion, African leopard, white or black rhinos and buffalos.

Even if you miss out on the Big Five, there are hundreds of other species that will fulfill all of your wildlife viewing needs. Combine the wildlife with the breathtaking landscapes in the background you will truly have an experience that cannot be compared to anything else.
We recommend that you do a bit of research before you pick your safari guide since some offer a lot better rides for much cheaper prices than others. Although even if you did go with the heftier price ride, we can ensure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Easy to get a visa


You probably have a lot of other countries on your bucket list that you want to visit, but you simply can’t because the entire process of getting a visa is too complicated and expensive. You will have to wait in line for hours and hours, then wait for days just to get a response whether you are eligible for one or not and finally pay a price of a few hundred or maybe even thousand dollars.

This does not apply to Kenya because getting a visa is quite simple and cheap. We did some research and found that the e-visa process (through services such as www.evisa-kenya.com) for Kenya requires you to input just some information about yourself and your passport. Make sure that your passport is up to date and that you have a credit card ready for the inexpensive payment that is required from you.

Much luxurious than you expect

You might feel like hiking on mountain ranges, going on a safari with those dangerous lions and leopards and getting sunburnt under the scorching hot sun is simply not for you. You might be thinking that maybe this country is not for you.
That’s not true because Kenya is also very luxurious. It is filled with hundreds of great hotels, restaurants, and resorts that will fulfill all of your needs. These 5-star hotels follow the same standards that you would expect from any other 5-star hotel around the world.

The Great Migration

One of the biggest wildlife migrations in the world is the wildebeest migration. This is an occurrence that everyone on the planet should see at least once in their life. You might have seen it on YouTube videos or documentaries about wildlife, but viewing the migration with your own eyes live is simply amazing. Watching more than two million of these beautiful creatures running, eating, fighting and playing with each other is another reason what makes this country so amazing.

Savannah grasslands and plains


The wildlife in Kenya is not just about the Big Five and the migration of wildebeest. The lands of this country are also filled with thousands of different exotic species that you cannot see anywhere else. Whether you want to see Zebras, cheetahs, African antelopes, you can experience all of this on the grasslands of Kenya.
The animals are not the only thing that is amazing about this experience, the savannah also feels like out of this world. Every single direction you look at will seem like the grasslands never end.

Great weather and friendly people


If you are not the type of person that wants to go on extreme adventures and just want to relax on the beach and socialize with people, then you should definitely know that Kenya also has great weather. Its tropical weather with long and sunny days will be awesome for anyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful blue ocean. The maximum temperature during the hottest season is somewhere around 35 degrees Celsius which is not as high as you would expect, right?

If you plan on sitting out your time in Kenya on the beaches and in the bars you will quickly realize that the Kenyans are very friendly people and treat tourists as one of their own.