Why Online Pharmacies is the New Normal and How it can Help Treat Hair Loss at Home


The internet age is here to stay and almost everyone has already come to that conclusion. This is why businesses are making no delays in converting over to the e-commerce platform or, at least, provide their services and goods on both the online and physical space. However, regardless of whether you make the complete switch or use e-commerce to supplement your business, online businesses are winning by a wide margin.

Recently, online pharmacies like Pocket Pills have been giving their retail counterparts a very tough time. More and more consumers are switching over to online platforms to fulfill their medical and pharmaceutical needs. The reason for them doing do can be divided into three main categories; convenience, privacy, and value for money.



If you had to get your medicine, would you choose to drive through traffic and stand in line at a pharmacy or just get whatever you need at the click of a button? Exactly! Anyone would choose the convenient route and order their medication from the comfort of their mobile phone or laptop. All you need is a working internet connection and your pharmacy is at your complete disposal.

With a retail pharmacy, you’ll have to take time out of your day, which is challenging if you work full-time. If you do work full-time, chances are you’ll only get a chance to go when it’s rush hour, and that’s when every other full-time worker goes to the pharmacy as well.


Any reputable online pharmacy would value its customer’s privacy above all. In fact, nowadays online pharmacies try to limit human contact as much as possible, where the most you’ll have to do is consult with a clinician. However, since this clinician is a trained and registered medical professional, they will have to uphold your privacy as well.

Moreover, online pharmacies will dispatch medication in discreet packaging, where no one can tell what is inside the package. The package would also be small enough to fit through your letterbox, just in case you aren’t at home. Nowhere in the entire delivery chain does anyone find out what you’ve ordered.

Value for money

Online pharmacies tend to be cheaper than their retail counterparts. This isn’t because their medication is sub-standard or any other nefarious reason such as that. It’s simply because online pharmacies have very little overheads in comparison to retail pharmacies. With a retail location, you have to worry about renting costs, employee salaries, insurances, etc.

With an online pharmacy, many of these costs are removed and you get better prices. Also, because one can consider online pharmacies to still be in their infancy stages, they run a lot of promotions and sales as well. Let’s not forget you’re also saving on fuel costs by not having to drive to a retail location.

With an online pharmacy, not only do you save time and effort in not having to drive all the way to a retail location, but you also get better prices and maintain your privacy in the process.

Treat Hair Loss (from start to finish) all from the comfort of your home

Acceptance of Propecia, the medical term for hair loss, is not an easy thing for most men. Talking about it is most often a topic that is not up for discussion and treatment, if sought at all, tends to be late due to denial. The process does become much easier if you take the human element out of the equation as much as possible and ensure the patient’s privacy is maintained at all times.

Luckily, that’s what online pharmacies are doing nowadays. Read on to learn how you can get treatment for your hair loss from the convenience of your own home.


How does it work

Most online pharmacies start the process off with a consultation with a trained and regulated clinician. This is necessary to judge whether you actually have Propecia or if your hair loss is being caused by something as simple as stress or bad nutrition. It’s also necessary because your medical history or an existing medical condition could take you out of eligibility for any given treatment option, for your own safety more than anything.

Once you’ve got the formalities with the clinician sorted, your treatment will be dispatched to you the following day. Your medicine will be in a discreet package that is shaped so as to fit easily through a letterbox. Nowhere in the entire process do you deal with another person, except for the clinician, but you would have divulged to that level if you were to go see a doctor or clinician in person.

How do they treat hair loss


One of the treatment options is FInasteride, which comes in the form of a pill and in a 1 mg dosage. Finasteride stops the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a compound responsible for the slowing of hair growth until it completely hair stops growing completely. Finasteride is an effective treatment and trials have shown that the drug improves scalp coverage in more than two-thirds of consumers while slowing the progression of hair loss in the remaining one third.

Then there is Minoxidil, which dilates blood vessels in the scalp, allowing for more nutrients to enrich the hair and for any other treatment to be more effective. Minoxidil is often prescribed along with Finasteride, as it improves delivery of Finasteride to the hair follicles via dilation of the blood vessels of the scalp.

It also acts as a supplement and increases the hair diameter and hair follicle size, allowing your hair to appear fuller and thicker. Finally, some experts believe that Minoxidil also stimulates the anagen phase of the hair cycle, which is the phase where new hair is generated.


As you can see from the above, online pharmacies provide a proper solution for hair loss that is not only convenient, but also maintains privacy. What’s best is that the treatment is also quite economical. You can get a complete hair loss kit for about £40 per month, which includes both Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Convenience, privacy, and value for money. What else is there to ask for?