What are the After Gym Feelings


There is no other feeling quite like the feeling after a gym session, especially after an amazing session. That moment of finishing a tough workout can spark joy throughout the body. Knowing that you have finally finished and so can lie down in peace without having a trainer screaming down your neck for not continuing, or a gymgoer watching you in judgment as you rest from a set. Priceless! As you leave those gym doors there are many different types of after gym feelings you may experience which can vary depending on the type of workout you’ve just had. As well as the type of person you are, you may be more susceptible to certain feelings than others.


Relief to have actually gone

This is always a number one sensation to feel, especially if you are someone who does not usually go to the gym. Just going to the gym is an accomplishment itself let alone completing a workout or class. An achievement that can be rewarded with a little snack (healthy snack mind) such as Greek yoghurt with berries and a little drizzle of honey. That relief feeling can drive a motivation to continue exercising, knowing it wasn’t as hard as you first thought – setting yourself up an actual regime.

Before arriving at the gym there are a lot of emotions that someone may experience including being anxious to walk in through those doors. However, there is no greater accomplishment than when you overcome the anxiety barrier, because after this you are completely unstoppable.

Adrenaline rush


The body is feeling completely pumped after a workout and may even want to continue. Although, you know this is not such a great idea as your body will need to rest. Adrenaline is the hormone in your body that, when released, increases your heart rate and enables the ‘fight or flight’ experience. But, this is probably the best feeling – knowing you have just pushed your body to the limit and feel like you’re on cloud nine. Although, the adrenaline rush is not something that you will experience regularly it is a feeling to definitely take advantage of during a workout. This is because you will often get a boost from the energy that can enable you to run a little longer or lift a heavier weight. An adrenaline rush can also influence your metabolism as it fuels your body to undergo any activity. From this, the hormone responsible for breaking down the fat in your body is increased helping you to lose the extra weight.

However, after the gym, this adrenaline rush is not something to experience for too long. It is very important to return to the body to a calm baseline so as not to cause long term effects from experiencing too much adrenaline rush. Such effects include a weakened immune system and cardiovascular disorders. If you experience a vast amount of ‘fight or flight’ sensation, it is best to learn relaxation techniques to combat the negative side effects. Breathing techniques are favoured by health experts which can be done by focusing on the rhythm of your breathing, slowing it down.


Have you really done a good session if you’re not feeling sore after a workout? Straight away or the day after? Most definitely the result of weightlifting! That heavyweight training session has definitely done more good than damage, just got to wait to see the results in six weeks. Of course, you don’t want to be too sore. This tends to occur when you’re sore for a few days unable to move – undoubtedly go see your doctor.

But that fresh soreness after a session is a feeling that you’re glad to experience because you know you’ve worked hard. Although it may be a little uncomfortable for a while, the results are worth the wait. It is a great idea to try out some CBD topical products by applying them to the most painful areas, such as your shoulders. CBD is a well-known remedy that can serve as a substitute for conventional painkiller drugs and balms. For more information on this, you can check Alphagreen. Alongside this, stretching the muscles after a session helps relax the muscles after to avoid them becoming tight.


This feeling can come after any form of exercise, especially, after a yoga session. As your body will always be at its most relaxed as you leave those gym doors (or leisure centre wherever you may be). That overwhelming zen feeling the yogis would say. Your body loves and appreciates that good stretch and so rewards you with that walking on a cloud feeling. But that hour of stretching took a lot out of you though, right? Every downward dog putting an extra strain on your wrist just wishing the five deep breaths would go by quicker. It’s a shared experience!

This feeling is ideal in the evening after a hard day of work as it can help put you to sleep and ease your mind. But also perfect in the morning as it sets you up for the day and creates a mood that can uplift you throughout the day. However, feeling relaxed can even come after high impact sessions such as weight training or circuit training. These forms of exercises can be seen as stress relievers that takes a weight off your shoulders. During these sessions, you’re completely focused on just the workout and so whatever has been playing on your mind before is no longer a focal point. Exercising releases endorphins which gives you a natural high that helps the body to relieve itself from stress, allowing you to relax.



And of course, after a good sweat, you feel fantastic. You’ve worked hard, done the best you can and burned off a few calories. What’s a better feeling than that?

The after gym feelings will differ from person to person and vary depending on the type of workout that has been done. Sometimes these emotions can feel overwhelming at times but the motivation that comes with it is what’s likely to help you continue and maintain a regime at the gym. Maintaining a certain structure at the gym will utilise all the hard work done at the gym allowing you to achieve the results you want.