Why we think Dwayne The Rock Johnson should be the next James Cameron’s Terminator

The Terminator is a movie franchise that literally everyone knows about. It started back in 1984 and it was created by James Cameron (also did Avatar if you didn’t know) and Gale Anne Hurd (did the Walking Dead), and starred actors like Linda Hamilton and action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Since the first Terminator in 1984 the franchise spawned five movies in total including the 2015 installment Terminator Genisys in which Schwarzenegger returned to try and helped what than seemed to be a fallen franchise. Now Cameron is stirring things up with announcement of a new trilogy, and if you know Cameron and his work than a few words from his mouth can electrify the whole situation. Now since there is word about a new franchise, especially Terminator one, our brains started working overtime and we came up with this article. We have an idea or two why The Rock would be a great choice as a Terminator in Cameron’s new franchise, and here it goes.

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Franchise savior

Before Johnson first joined the happy little Fast and Furious family things weren’t going that well for Dom’s crew and you were all aware of that. The fifth installment of the F&F franchise was the first one that saw the new character that is Dwayne and from than things started to get interesting. Although all the stars like Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Tyrese and Ludacris were there but without any doubt the G man Luke Hobbs (The Rock) dominated the show. The Rock played the bad ass, street-savvy, Security Service operative assigned to take down the world’s most notorious criminals. Straight from the scene one this felt like a real movie and further in Diesel and Johnson showed an awesome chemistry that happens once in a lifetime.

The fact that Johnson pulled the franchise out of the gutter is showed by the fact that Fast Five became a commercial and critical success, bringing more in than its two predecessors, Tokyo Drift and Fast and Furious, combined. After that as you know, F&F franchise spawned three more sequels, gathering billions on the way up and Johnson was the one that appeared in each and every sequel that came along. To show their gratitude Universal studio is developing a Luke Hobbs spin-off movie co-starring Jason Statham.

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Similarities with Schwarzenegger

Do you remember the Schwarzenegger back in 1982 when he played the savage sword-wielding hero Conan? Well The Rock also has a similar role and he played it 20 years later Johnson as The Scorpion King back in 2002. The one fact that doesn’t go in Johnson’s favor is the fact that The Scorpion King wasn’t as successful as the Conan. The Rock played the Mathayus who was an assassin for hire before he claimed the crown as the Scorpion King. There is an interesting statement that came from Megan Colligan, President of distribution and marketing for Paramount Pictures who said that Johnson “can be very serious and menacing and imposing, and he has this ability to melt it all away, which is why women show up for a movie like this… He has a lot of appeal for kids”.

Both Schwarzenegger and Johnson can play in comedy, drama and everything in between

Not every movie star can be versatile. Johnson started in WWE, moved to movies and there played pretty much anything he fancied. From comedies, action movies, drama, animated movies and even singing Dwayne managed to conquer it all and make it all look like piece of cake while doing it. His latest comedy/animated movie put him together with Hollywood newcomer Auli’i Cravalho in the Disney animated instant classic Moana. He showed that he can pull off anything even a singing, arrogant and funny animated demigod like it was yesterday’s news.

As far as his versatility goes he had another role back in 2005’s movie Be Cool where he played, get this, a homosexual body guard, and aspiring actor named Elliot. What do you say about that? Ha?! He even showed his softer side in the 2013’s action crime drama named Snitch where he had a role of a desperate father looking to save his son from going to prison.

If these rumors and talks about Cameron’s new Terminator franchise turn out to be realistic than we do not see anyone better for the role of the metal savior than everyone’s beloved Dwayne The Rock Johnson. There are some talks that Schwarzenegger will be involved in the movie in some way, but considering his age and everything else we strongly believe that he should hand down the torch to the worthy heir. We also believe that if it actually happens, none other than Dwayne would be better suited to continue the legacy of the Terminator!