Why Wear a Cap to play Golf and what’s the Dress Code?


Golf is not just a game but only because the garments influence body temperature and the freedom of movement of the body, but also to style.

Therefore, so that you know what clothes are appropriate and in addition to playing comfortably, do it in tune, we have prepared this post for you to discover how to dress to play golf, do not miss it!

The perfect golf outfit, you won’t fail!

The dress code may vary depending on the club we go to; however, certain generalities are respected both in public and private fields. Also, regardless of whether they are Spanish or foreign. Although public clubs may be more flexible than private ones, it is always advisable to review each field’s rules to make sure we are adequately equipped.

But to understand this code, we must refer to the origins of the sport. Coming up next, we tell you. So thinking about gears of Golf you can buy in the golfgearhub.com

The origins of golf clothing


Golf has its beginnings in Scotland at the beginning of the 20th century, and the players of that time dressed very elegantly in jackets, ties, hats, and knickers pants.  When the British players went to the United States,  the Florida coasts’ hot climate made them look for alternatives with cooler and lighter fabrics but always maintaining aesthetics. It is replaced with wool with new synthetic fibers. From the 30s, in tune with the many changes that the decade brought, when the tie began to disappear, the cap was replaced by the baseball type and, it appears combined with the collared shirt and short sleeves.

Golf clothing

Until today, when the concept of “multilayer”  or  “multilayer” has taken center stage, that is, the combination of several superimposed layers of very light garments. In this way, the player can remove them or put them on according to the ambient temperature.

As you can see, golf is a sport that demands elegance both on the field and in its surroundings. However, the class is not at odds with comfort. Today, specialized golf apparel brands design apparel for golfers with the latest textile technology without neglecting the distinctive factor.

The current code


Now that we have gone through the history, we will tell you the code trends in current golf clothing.

Top, tee, shirts, or polo shirts for playing golf?

As for the upper part, there is a universal maxim: it must be with a collar. T-shirts are frowned upon. They must wear short-sleeved shirts or polo shirts with a collar and long length, as they must always be tucked inside the pants and with the buttons fastened. Regarding the pattern, it is better if the shirt is neutral and in a single color,  without frills, logos.

In women’s case, it is allowed to show the shoulders, but without wearing thin straps.

Golf apparel

A general rule states that the pants suitable to be dressing of classic cut of pincers or similar, of a single color. If they are short, they should be slightly above the knee. The use of a belt is required in most fields. Therefore, jeans, beach shorts, bathing suits, or sweatpants are expressly prohibited. Of course, the broken or worn has no place in this sport!

The women can wear dresses, skirts, or skirts provided they do not exceed 5 centimeters above the knee.

Golf Apparel for Women


Golf gloves, essential for their double function

The function of the golf glove is double; it will not only protect you from the cold. A right glove will allow you to get a good grip on the stick and prevent it from slipping due to perspiration from your hands. A single glove is usually worn on the dominant hand; however, at lower temperatures, if playing in the winter months, thermal gloves are typically used on both hands.

Golf Gloves


Along with golf shoes and golf clubs, golf gloves are the third most influential garment in the execution of a good shot since they have the dual function of protecting us from the cold and improving the club’s grip.

For their part,  golf caps are essential so that the sun does not dazzle us and to be able to execute the shot with maximum precision. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that golf is a sport that is practiced outdoors, so on a warm and sunny day, it is essential to protect yourself not only to avoid reflections and glare. Straw hats or visors can also be used alternatively, depending on the player’s preference.

Why They Use Caps


Come the late spring period, going out without shades is incomprehensible. The equivalent goes for golf players and covers, caps, and visors when they go out on the grass.

Covers, golf caps, and visors have become fundamental adornments for the individuals who practice this game due to their vast convenience and, for quite a while, because of their feelings as an essential game supplement to material attire.

– They shield us from the sun on sweltering days and extraordinary radiation, an assurance that in the visors is restricted to the face and eyes, and that with the covers reaches out to the whole head.

– They hold our hair to try not to bother interruptions. They are accommodating for the individuals who wear blasts since they can’t eliminate it from their eyes with a clasp or a raw clip.

– Together with the glasses, they keep the sun’s beams from keeping us from following the direction of the ball during the flight, additionally ensuring our eyes and limiting the danger of glare and reflections.

– In winter, covers and caps shield us from the cold and even from the downpour, contingent upon the model we pick.

– The cap, cap, and visor are stylish adornments that help fortify our image on the “green.”

Required USE?

Numerous Spanish greens remember for their clothing standard the commitment to wear a golf cap or visor on the course, so we should investigate the guidelines of our typical golf club or green in Spain to check whether we ought to or not to utilize this module.

Our proposal, in any case, is that you use what you like the most: golf cap, cap or visor, yet that you do it at whatever point you go out on the course, as you will expand your solace and with it, the degree of play and execution.



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Even though we need to feature something most importantly, above ventilation, breathability, or gentility, it is the polish of the multitude of models. Golf covers, caps, and visors should be by the golf player’s style, and it is as of now realized that refinement is the transcendent tonic in this game.