4 Ways To Make Fake Hair Extensions Look Real


If you like the longer hairstyle look but your hair is growing slowly – then, hair extension might be an ideal and quick solution. However, the goal of every woman is that when she wears hair extensions – it seems as natural as possible. Can such an effect really be achieved? Sure, but you need to know some of the little tricks of the pros. So read a little more about ways to make fake hair extensions look real.

What Is Actually Hair Extension?


Many hair extending techniques are becoming more popular year after year. Everyone would like their hair to grow overnight – so professional hairdressers came up with this trick. Extending hair is a hairstyling procedure that can help us do a quick makeover when it comes to hairstyle. Extending hair implies using hair strands and inserts, which are then attached to our real hair by using some of the available techniques. This method can change the length of our hair –  but also we can change the volume or the color. Today, we have various kinds of extensions. However, the basic difference we can make is by the length of their duration. The various types of extensions can also depend on different techniques and extending procedures – as well as on the maintenance, impact on the hair, and the price.

The Types And The Prices Of Hair Extensions


The cost of the hair extending doesn’t just rely upon the amount of hair – it also relies on the quality. Genuine human hair is best in class and generally costs pretty much. However, that price is justified because such a hair is gentler and silkier – and also simple to keep up, pretty much the same as your own hair. Artificial hair is made of synthetic fibers, which makes it less expensive. In contrast to real hair, it will not endure heat treatments – and therefore, it will not last for long, it may break and get harmed. Subsequently, this type of hair is more likely to be used for making smaller hair parts – for example, the braid and bangs.

4 Ways To Maintain The Natural Look Of Your Hair Extension

Hair extensions are a semi-permanent extension of hair and an increase in its density. Essentially, it looks very nice, but only if you manage to get the effect of merging with your own hair. Therefore, according to www.blackshowhair.com – you should look for the type of extension that will look as natural as it is possible on your hair. When you find the right ones and when the hairdresser styles them according to the desired inserting technique – you must also maintain it and try to keep up its natural look of the extension. Here are 4 ways to do it.

1. Hair Extension Color Should Match Your Natural Hair Color


When you decide to extend your hair, first evaluate the color of the hair extensions. Choose the extensions that will absolutely match the color of your hair. Let the ends of your hair serve as a good parameter for assessing color. When the color of a hair extension matches your hair color – people won’t even assume you’re even wearing it. Be very careful when choosing, consult an expert, or do some of your research online before you decide to buy.

2. Adjust The Length Of The Extended Hair To Your Natural


If you want your extended hair to look as natural as possible – you should first determine the correct length you want. The essence of this whole procedure is that your extension should completely fit your genuine hair – which means it should blend with your own hair. In that sense, it is extremely important to properly choose the thickness of the hair extension. You can’t take thin strands of hair if your natural hair is thick, and vice versa. In such cases, there are transitions between your and upgraded hair that can form cascade-like transitions – and that certainly doesn’t look nice or natural.

3. Shape Hair Extensions Before Putting Them

Experts usually ask you to buy wavy hair extensions. Why? Precisely because of the effect of natural hair. Namely, straight hair extensions seem very artificial – although they are better sold. Curled extensions will give you a more natural look – and will probably fit better especially if you have wavy or thick hair. If you buy extensions made out of human hair – you are allowed to use a curler to make a wavy hairstyle. Certainly, this does not apply to artificial hair inserts because it is already known that synthetic materials don’t tolerate high temperatures. You can wrap them by putting curlers on wet strands – and letting them stand for a few hours until they dry and curl.

4. Want A Complete Style Change?


Do you want a complete change of style, long hair that looks natural and with which you will be able to wear beautiful waves, a braid like Blake Lively, or an enchanting long ponytail? Hair extension is the solution. Well-defined by a professional team can be your best experience. In well-known salons, you will also get all the tips for maintaining it. It’s just yours to enjoy your new look.

Adjustment Period

The adjustment period lasts between 3-10 days. Keratin, nodules, or any other method – require a period of adjustment. Sudden changes in hair length and density can seem unusual. You may feel discomfort when sleeping. There is certainly a period to get used to hair maintenance and a feeling of heaviness. These are all completely normal things when hair extensions are done. Some women don’t feel any change – and some find it harder to get used to it, especially when sleeping. However, after a few hair washes and a period between 3-10 days – you will forget about the discomfort and you will feel quite safe as if it is your natural hair.

Extended Hair Correction


Extended hair correction is done every 4 to 6 months – and mostly depends on the growth rate of your hair. The correction process itself lasts from 3 to 5 hours – and involves removing the extensions, then combing, and finally returning the upgrade to its original position.