Why WWE Is Having A Lot Of Multi-Person Matches?

Source: cagesideseats.com

Wrestlemania season is over, which means that the most exciting period of the WWE in a calendar year is over. That is visible not only when you take a look at the ratings, but also at the storylines and matches that organization is putting together. So why are they having a lot of multi-person matches right now?

Well, the number one reason is the fact that they do not know what to do with all the talent that they have on the roster. Plans for the Summerslam and going into the summer are set, but the WWE still hasn’t begun building towards that, and they are in the transitional period.

They don’t have a lot of good ideas for many of their wrestlers, expect the top ones, so they are using these multi-person matches as a way to keep as many people as possible busy while this period passes. You can clearly see that some of the talents right now doesn’t have any direction.

Source: www.wwe.com

When we take a look at the guys that are going to battle in a fatal five-way match to determine the number one contender for Brock Lesnar’s Universal title, we can clearly see that nobody out of those wrestlers has a clear-cut direction going into the summer. We don’t know what they will be doing or who are they going to be feuding with.

This match is going to give us many answers as it should set up a lot of duels for the near future. That right there is the prime example of why WWE is doing these kinds of battles right now. Hopefully, this transitional period will bring some interesting feuds that will be resolved in the near future.