We bring you – 15 worlds forbidden places you can’t visit! There are hidden treasures, big secrets or extreme evils


Today the world is a lot more accessible than ever, and all because of the progress of science and technology. With the right amount of money, you can sit on a plane and travel to any destination in less than a day. But, there are many secret bases, exclusive clubs and a few other locations that are still prohibited for the general public which is always very interesting when they are brought up.

#1 Royal Air Force Menwith Hill in the United Kingdom


It is a huge complex that includes a large number of interesting and unique structures. This site provides communications and intelligence support to the UK and the US.

#2 Bohemian Grove


This is a bohemian club of the most influential people in the world who annually, over the summer, gather at the site for a period of two weeks. This place is located in California, but its exact location is unknown. This club allows only men, and unfortunately, women are not allowed in. If you had a chance to view the guestbook in it, you would find names of former US Presidents Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon, according to ewao.com

#3 Snake Island


Located on the shores of Brazil this island is inhabited by around 4.000 deadliest snakes on the planet. The risk of visiting this place is so great that the government of Brazil has banned visitors from going to the island. The venom of these snakes is so powerful that it has the ability to melt human flesh.

#4 Coca-Cola vault


Coca-Cola spends huge amounts of money in order to preserve its secret formula from prying eyes. Atlanta is the world’s Museum of Coca-Cola, and the exact recipe will forever be kept in a safe place.

#5 Fort Knox


It is located in the Kentucky south of Louisville. This base is one of the safest places on the planet, and its constantly kept by about 30.000 troops. Fort Knox is the place where gold reserves and other national treasures of the USA are stored.

#6 Spitsbergen Seed Safe


It is located on the Norwegian island Spitsbergen. This place was established in order to preserve the seeds of a wide range of plants to ensure certain types of plants may be restored if it comes to natural disasters in the world.

#7 Vatican Secret Archives


Apostolic Library was established in 1475 and contains the most important collections of historical texts known to man. Here are also preserved writings of the ancient Mayans which allegedly testify about the existence of extraterrestrial life, according to ewao.com.

#8 Pine Gap, Australia


It is located in central Australia, and flights above this site are strictly prohibited. This area is controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), National Office for scouting and the Australian Government.

#9 Lascaux Caves in France


These caves are located near the village of Montignac in the southwest of France. In these caves, you can find over 600 ancient drawings, and this location is, since 1979, on the list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

#10 Mormon Church secret safe


It is believed that this safe hides more than three billion pages with information about family histories of Americans. This place is off limits for tourists except on some rare occasions.

#11 Room 39, North Korea


This secret organization is often referred to as Bureau 39, and it was established in 1970. The objective of this group is to find a way to acquire foreign currency for the President of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Kim Jong-un. The information available about this group is very limited, but reportedly they have more than two dozen bank accounts in Switzerland and China through which money from illegal activities is laundered.

#12 Mezhgorye in Russia


It is believed that this place hides Russian nuclear missiles, but the data on this area is extremely limited. Apparently, these missiles can be remotely activated in the event of a nuclear attack. The location is guarded by two battalions, and no one without permission can gain access.

#13 Disney Club 33


There are a number of private clubs which are located in three Disney parks, but their existence is kept under strict wraps. Access to these clubs is limited, and the waiting list is long as 14 years. The fee for the initiation is 36,000 euros, while the annual fee is 24,300 euros. Among the members are the presidents of the United States, business leaders and numerous actors.

#14 Google data center


This site stores trillion records of our data, and this is one of the best-kept locations in the world.

#15 Area 51


It is located in Nevada. This secret place is one of the most secured areas on the planet. The purpose of this base is not known, however, it is used for research and development of experimental aircraft and weaponry. By 2013 the United States has completely denied its existence, but since then it has been officially recognized.