5 Reasons Why You Are Bad at Multiplayer Video Games


It’s not terrible if you achieve the result slowly or don’t achieve at all. You have to keep one thing in mind – you should be pleased as long as you work on improving and giving your best. That’s all that matters. When you think about it a little better, you always enjoy the achievements that took us more time. In any case, you will appreciate yourself and your game more, and other players will have a much better opinion of you.

Either way, you get the point – you need time to become great. However, in addition to experience, you also need knowledge with the help of which you will raise your skills to a completely new level. It is not easy, and it is not so easy to come to such knowledge because every player is different.

However, there are some features that make you bad in multiplayer games, and if you want to find out if you belong to that group, you should change things. In the rest of the text, we will give you certain reasons why someone is not good enough in multiplayer video games.


1. You have no patience

Whatever game you play with multiple players, keep one thing in mind – be patient! This is crucial in this situation, but also for others. It is important that you adopt this good habit, especially if you are a beginner… Then it is very difficult to stay concentrated as you enter the game for the hundredth time and they kill you after 3 minutes over and over again. We assume you are upset… Is it true? No surprise.

You have to realize that some players just have a lot more experience than you and that you can’t achieve that overnight. So do not waste energy on being nervous, but establish self-control and learn from experience. Also, maybe the other players are better than you just because they were resourceful and patient enough and thus unlocked some weapons and other things that make them stronger.

It doesn’t have to be just equipment but also some abilities, such as unlocking a convenience that allows them to die more slowly and the like. Then you have to prepare a large number of bullets. Either way, be patient and we are sure you will succeed.


2. You are not learning from your mistakes

In the previous part, we stated that experience is decisive in games like this. However, many are wondering what that actually means. No, that doesn’t mean you have to play a million times and make the same mistakes, quite the opposite. It doesn’t matter how long you play if you stagnate. It is important that you learn from your mistakes, and the biggest mistake will throw you out of the game, that is, you will die.

You should use this as an experience from which you will learn how to avoid this situation next time. Once you learn this then you will easily master the other steps as well and this will take you further and further away from potential death in the game. In that way, one learns from experience, by working every time to correct the mistake. This strengthens your skills, you become more careful and skilled in what you do. Only with such a basis can you equalize the benefits with other players. After that, you will surely progress further and achieve some greater results.

3. You are practicing wrong

Practicing wrong won’t get you anywhere. So you need to know what good practice means. We will first list what is bad, and that is exercising offline.

This is fine to do if you’re trying out controls or checking settings, etc. It’s also not bad to set up multi-player or single-player matches this way. This is a great thing to get to know the map by exploring it while offline. So you will pay special attention to details while you know by heart where to go when you get online.


However, these are the only excuses when you can play offline. Everything else is a waste of time, and so you can’t achieve anything. For example, you turned on Counter Strike and started playing with bots. What exactly do you expect, a credible enemy? They can’t be that. Get over it and get involved in the network.

It may not be that easy right away, but over time you will understand the way you play and you will become significantly faster and better. While you are offline you will not encounter a real game and thus never reach the skills needed to play well.

4. No style of play

If you have practiced enough, gained experience and are familiar with the map, and you still cannot achieve good results, then there is another thing that you are missing. This is exactly your style of play. As we have already said, it takes time to build it, but you will only achieve that if you have everything we listed earlier.

So, you have certainly learned something from experience. Stop and think about what leads you to victory, when you are the best or the fastest, etc. Each of these and similar elements together makes up the style of play that describes you and which is your ticket to enter among serious players. When you own something like this you establish a secure dominance among others.

It’s good to take high risks sometimes, because that’s how you can get big things. However, it is best to always have an ace up your sleeve, and that will be your authentic style of play or way of thinking. It is good to apply self-criticism while devising tactics and strategy, it will surely lead you to a good solution.

5. You have bad weapons and all the equipment


Sometimes you have everything we’ve listed that a single-player should have, and that mostly relates to your abilities. However, you cannot win if you have worse weapons and equipment than others. You just don’t have anything to play with. You should always visit sites like boostroom.com and find ways to be even better.

In addition to the fact that you should own these things, it is important that you know how to use them. This means that you should always keep in mind which weapon you have and have a backup plan. It refers to the weapon you have left when you lose all the ammunition. This will be a key factor for survival during the game.


It’s okay if you’re bad at video games, but you don’t have to stay that way forever. We hope that you were able to conclude what you are doing wrong and thus improve your game. Let this motivate you to enjoy the games even more. This should present you with a new and interesting challenge as you cross new levels. That way, you will achieve an irreplaceable sense of achievement and become a serious player.