Why You Should Consider Paying For Social Media Features

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Why is social media the place for people to go these days if they are looking to promote themselves? Well, for starters, there is an awful lot of people who use social media on a regular basis. Take Instagram, for example. It has more than a billion accounts which are active on a regular basis and more than five hundred million of them are engaging with the platform every day. There is also a considerable number who will access the site several times over the course of the day. In addition to this, its users are also known to interact with accounts far more than those of other social networks, with the average engagement rate per post being 1.60%, compared to 0.09% for Facebook and 0.048% for Twitter. All this, combined with the numerous success stories of influencers who started from nothing, is egging on a new generation of people who want to share their ideas with the wider world and feel that social media is the way to do this. It’s true; social media can help you spread your message to a larger audience but you also need to know how to do it and the most important part of all this is interaction.

Why are people paying for interaction?

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The surge in the popularity of social media has seen the emergence of websites which are dedicating themselves to the sale of features for social networks. These features are ones which can be obtained organically by any user so it is not as if they are offering anything new. However, the increase in the number of people using Instagram and other sites to promote themselves as they try to make it big means that there is even more demand for likes and followers, among other features. For some people, it just isn’t enough to get these features naturally and they have found other ways to get the numbers they crave while other people are more than happy to indulge them. These people have set up websites where you can pay for likes, views, comments or followers and have them added to your profile as you command. It is a booming business as thousands of people are taking part in it. If you don’t want to be left behind, you may want to think about looking into this phenomenon yourself.

What can you expect from these websites?

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Insta4likes is an example of this type of website. By having a look around it,  you can get an idea of what offers are available for social media users. The most popular ones involve sets of varying amounts of views, likes, relevant comments and real followers that are available at prices depending on the amount of each feature you are looking to buy. It is important as a consumer to take your time and make sure you are purchasing the amount of features that you truly need or that you feel you are going to use. There is a lot of competition out there so you may want to make a large investment if you want to be a big success. In addition to this, you also need to be able to trust the source of these features. When you are paying money for them, you want to be sure that you are getting the real deal and that these features will be provided by real Instagram accounts run by genuine users of the social network.

What are the features that are on sale?

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The main features that you will see for sale are views, likes, comments and followers so let’s take a quick look at what these are and what they do.

Views are a simple enough one to explain. Any time a social media user looks at the content you have uploaded, that counts as a view. This is a number that can be important if you are looking to go viral: the more views you have, the more likely it is to happen. Likes are a step up from views as they mean that someone has watched your content and has then decided that they have had a positive reaction to it, indicating this with a like. A like could suggest that they found your content funny, that they could relate to it, that they agree with the opinion express or they were touched by it. It is hard to know as we are only told that the user ‘liked’ it.

On the other hand, comments offer an opportunity to get a better idea about what the user likes about your content as they are likely to include more information. Comments can also be used to draw attention to certain issues regarding a post or its topic while they also give the user who receives them a chance to build a rapport with the people posting them.

The final feature that is most commonly purchased, and is probably the most powerful of all, is followers. Followers play a key role in the development of your profile as they involve a user who can perform all the other features we previously mentioned. Because of this, they are the most in demand and you will need the support of plenty of followers if you are going to make it big on social media. Therefore, it is especially worth your while investing in them.