Why You Should Visit Puyallup Washington?


The state of Washington is famous because it carries the name of the first president of the United States and for its capital city, Seattle. Despite Seattle being the best-known city in this state, it doesn’t mean that there is no other city that can provide you as many activities and culture as the capital. Today, we are going to talk about the city of Puyallup, a neighbor of the second biggest city in the state, Tacoma.

This city is mainly known for two reasons. The first reason is the Washington State Fair. This is one of the best-known and largest fairs you can visit in the US. Also, this is the largest fall event you can visit in western Washington. The second one is that the city of Puyallup has some really affordable prices when it comes to buying houses for you and your family. A few decades ago, this city was considered to be out in the country.


However, because of the affordable prices, you can get for a house, the city simply boomed in the last decade. Today, it is famous as a city that has neighborhoods that consist of big and modern houses. We can say that you can get two completely different feels from visiting or living in this city. There are parts of the town that have an old-fashioned downtown area, like the South Hill Mall area.


In other parts of the town, you can see modern housing and the huge development of neighbors that are located a little southern on Meridian. All of these neighborhoods have a plethora of places for shopping and eating. One of the most popular neighborhoods to live in is the Puyallup School District. Generally, this city has an exceptional restaurant scene and you can find a great choice if you are looking for local retail.

The main street, Meridian Avenue, consists of a wide array of restaurants and stores you can visit and enjoy. If you are on holiday and want to spend it in one of the fastest-growing cities in the US you should definitely visit Puyallup. There are a lot of hotels you can stay in. Our personal pick is Hampton Inn Puyallup. If you are interested in seeing what this hotel is all about, you can read more here. While this city is popular because of its modern parts, you should check out the heart of the old town, which located along the north part of Meridian.


This is an area that is definitely worthy of your time and effort to explore. Plus, this is a city filled with green spaces and public parks you can spend your time in. We want to point out two places that you should definitely visit, you should plat at modern Bradley Park, or take a walk near the Puyallup River. This city is a place to be when it comes to celebrating famous US holidays like the fourth of July, Halloween, and many more. If you are in town because of this, you should visit Washington State Fairgrounds.