Will 3rd Parties adopt to Xbox Play Anywhere? Microsoft is confident

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Diverse reactions were received by Microsoft Xbox Play Anywhere. There is no problem with the Xbox games. They were all awesome. However, people are on the ball for the Windows 10 store where games for Windows Live are loaded into it.

Many, if not all, are aware of the incident with Quantum Break. They looking forward for versions of other games on Steam. However, that seems to be unlikely to happen soon. Xbox’s chief manager, Phil Spencer, even predicts that the situation could flip to the other side. Other game developer might start using Xbox Play Anywhere to make their games available to either the Xbox or PC.

Small, independent developers are totally engaged with this proposition. Spencer had told reporters in an interview. Although, it’s a different story with other bigger games publishers. Spencer, however, still places his confidence that they would all soon espouse Xbox Play Anywhere. They would soon utilize the service at the height of its growth.

Spencer is confident that large game publishers will adopt to the initiative at any time soon. Although there are some inhibitions about pricing, the expectation remains firm. The publishers fear that they might be paying too much giving away two games for the price of a single game. But Spencer reassures them that it only allows their customers to get even more engaged in the games and play more often.

But even with this assumption, the development of the system still is unclear. Several questions have been raise about the usefulness of Xbox Play Anywhere. It seems that the system is of little use to gamers. They still can’t have Microsoft games just anywhere that they aren’t enticed to buy it on the Windows store. It couldn’t even guarantee that the games would sell out if they were also available on Steam.

And then goes the question from the game developers. Would they have the freedom to publish their games on Steam if they want to adopt to Xbox Play Anywhere initiative?

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Despite all these questions and inhibitions from game developers, Microsoft still is feeling positive that Xbox Play Anywhere is gaining stronger influence on gamers. But you just can’t keep people from questioning and posing doubts on its success. The answer to these questions remain to be seen as time goes by. No one still is certain about the fate of this great initiative from Microsoft.