National Guard to make use of robot in cracking dangerous chemical

Depending on whether the air on Monday morning will be calm enough, Louisiana National Guard intends to make use of a robot to crack open a bunker door located in Camp Minden and afterward put in a place an 820 pounds remote ignition that is unstable and also burns chemical compounds that are stored there fast enough.

This is considered to be the tiniest “clean-burning igniter” that is left after an explosion on September 29th involving a bunker.

A team from the Defense Department announced to the public that there were 3 bunkers remaining which are too dangerous and should, therefore, be gotten rid of as soon as possible.

Brian Salvatore of the Louisiana State University of chemistry and physics department noted last week that the door of the bunker will be left open as the nitrocellulose, that is, the igniter only burns very quickly when it is closed in.

A magazine housing not less than 114, 000 lbs of igniter has been scheduled to use in burning on Saturday. Come October 29th, another comprising of M6 artillery propellant weighing 40, 000 lbs and 84, 000   lbs of igniter will be burned.

Explo Systems Inc. as at the time it went bankrupt in the year 2013 left 7,800 tons of M6 and 160 tons of igniter with addictives that are known to burn slowly.

The company owners and its 4 officials pled not guilty to the charge brought against them by the federal government alleging that they did not say the truth to Army and that they stored such compounds in a way that is not safe and also for putting obstacles in the way of inspection.

The date set for their trial is December 13th.