Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made employees happier, more than Steve Ballmer

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The employees of Microsoft are finding themselves happy with their work environment according to a study conducted by UBS. This had been reported in the early days of October.

UBS is worldwide financial services firm. They provide asset management and other similar services to corporate organizations like Microsoft and Apple. In conducting this study on Microsoft, they employed data collected from Glassdoor, an online recruiting firm, to arrive at the conclusion that Microsoft is indeed a happy company, even happier than Apple. Through Glassdoor’s records, they traced the workers’ general affection to their workplace. Thus, it had been discovered by the firm that Microsoft’s employees are greatly satisfied with the company overall.

The new CEO is even getting better approval rating than his predecessor. Satya Nadella took the top office at Microsoft since February 2014. By then until the close of the year 2015, the Microsoft had rated him with an outstanding 88% satisfaction. Steve Ballmer only received a fifty – one percent approval rating. The latter was the chief executive officer for Microsoft before Nadella.

UBS affirms that Microsoft is pushing Apple off the ranks with is high employee satisfaction rating. It is performing a bit higher than the standard rating for their industry.

While Microsoft is celebrating this success, LinkedIn is mulling over the twenty – six – million – dollar deal it made with the company. This deal had dragged its approval rating down.

LinkedIn used to rank first with UBS with its CEO, Jeff Weiner, getting close to hundred percent employee satisfaction rating. The ratings went down eighty-five percent for the CEO and eleven percent from seventeen to the company’s overall performance. Even though they still made it to third place, LinkedIn is still very disappointed about the drop.

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In Nadella’s administration of Microsoft, the software company started concentrating on giving services as well as tools through a subscription standard. They even had to deliver goods for their competitors. This liberty seemed to motivate Microsoft’s software engineers and developers.

Microsoft has indeed become the favorite destination for top-notch technical professionals. Its yearly ratings are consistent and the company has remained ahead in the game. These are all proven from the results of their study. UBS had asserted.

And it wouldn’t be surprising if Microsoft would rise even higher in the succeeding years. A big company like Microsoft has got to be very concerned with its reputation They will always work hard to always remain on top of the competition.