Will Dallas Cowboys Put Tony Romo In Now When They Clinched The Home-Field?


Philadelphia Eagles did a favor to the Dallas Cowboys as they have beaten the New York Giants on Thursday Night Football. ‘Boys are now the winners of the NFC East and will have the home-field advantage in the postseason. That means that these last two games won’t affect their position in the conference, which further implies that they can rest their players going into the Playoffs.

One of the guys that they might consider benching is Dak Prescott. Cowboys’ rookie signal caller hasn’t missed a single matchup this year and has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL this season. 20 touchdowns and five interceptions seem quite alright for a fourth round rookie quarterback.

He was on the field a lot, and this might be the chance that Jerry was waiting for to put Romo back on the field, even if these matches don’t really matter. It’s clear that Jerry Jones wants to win the ring with Tony Romo at the quarterback position so he might use this opportunity to put Romo back in and hope that he performs very well.


Knowing Jerry Jones and his love for Tony, if veteran QB plays well, Jones will create the controversy between these two again, and the rumor mill will start again about who should start for the Dallas Cowboys.

We think that the Cowboys will start Prescott on Sunday, but rest him half way through the game, especially if he is not having such a great night. We will see Tony Romo on Sunday against the Detriot Lions, and we will for sure see him in Week 17 as the starting quarterback in Dallas’ final regular season duel. The big question is what will happen if Romo shows that he might be even better choice than Prescott. Will they use these two games to get him back on the field as a starting option? We will have to wait and see.