When Will Paige Be Back In The WWE Ring?


Women’s division on Smackdown is much more fun to watch and follow than the one that Monday Night Raw has right now. It’s not because of the talent as women on Raw are one of the best to ever wrestle in any ring, for any organization. Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley, and Nia Jax are pretty talented and good in the ring, but the storylines are sub par while the division can’t be called a success with only four women appearing on Monday Nights every week.

Paige is one of the superstars that belongs to Monday Night Raw, and that division could use her for sure. She is a great character and dependable performer in the ring and someone that still has a lot of fans among the WWE Universe. She has been out for months with her neck injury, and she is definitely missed.

Both Paige and Del Rio were on the radio show, and the neck injury was brought up. She had the surgery three months ago, and they revealed that she is still undergoing physical therapy. Her boyfriend, former WWE superstar and WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio has given us a sign of when Paige might be back in the ring in an interview with one radio show.


“I’m 100% sure that she will be the most successful female wrestler of all time. She just needs to get well and she’ll be back in the ring around April or May, I don’t know when the doctors have their final decision,” stated Del Rio.