Will Prescott receive Jimmy G Treatment From Cowboys after 2018?!

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After Dak Prescott’s rookie season one thing was clear. Dallas Cowboys were ready to give him the reigns of the offense, and consequently of the entire franchise. Jerry Jones and the rest of Cowboys head-honchos made him a franchise quarterback, and the future of America’s Team. In one year time, this decision could make Prescott a very, very rich man!

The 2016 season was a historic one both for Cowboys and their rookie QB at the time. The 13-3 record was a sign of what Dak can bring to the squad, and the future looked bright for The Boys. Especially because he was playing, and still plays on his rookie contract. But fast forward two years, and it’s 2018 already, and in less than a year it will be Prescott’s time for a new deal. But, as there’s always one but, Dak had a bit of a slump in 2017. A winning record, which wasn’t satisfying for Cowboys fan base and their owner. 9-7 is good for the Browns, but Dallas franchise wants more, and Prescott needs to deliver that in 2018.

With Big D franchise focusing on making the offense more Dak-friendly they are still seeing him as their man. And he will be after 2018. Quarterbacks are getting paid these days, and Prescott is still young QB with room for improvement. The Cowboys will put their faith and millions in him after the next season.

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Jimmy Garoppolo received $137 million from 49ers, and he only played a few games in his career. Kirk Cousins will gain even more when he signs his contract in free agency this March. It’s not wrong to say that Prescott has more games behind him than Jimmy G and a better record than Kirk Cousins in last two seasons. And, he’s younger than both. So, Prescott doesn’t need to worry, the enormous payday is coming his way.

At the moment he’s playing on his rookie deal. Looking at his $630,000 base salary for 2018 he’s the bargain deal of NFL. But, you shouldn’t worry about his financial state, he’s making five times that from endorsements. Some of his endorsement deals include New Era caps, Beats by Dre headphones, Campbell’s Chunky Soup, Tostitos tortilla chips, Pepsi, 7-Eleven, it’s Nicholas Air, DirecTV, Panini America, Addidas and Dannon Yogurt.

No player in the league can match this. Dak is popular. According to NFLPA, he leads the NFL in jersey sales for 2017. The merchandise with his name is selling all around the States. In a way, he’s already the face of the franchise. He just doesn’t have the contract to prove it. But he will. After 2018 season, Prescott will be NFL’s highest-paid quarterback, there is a good chance for that. At least until the time comes for Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan to sign their extensions.