Will The Falcons Lose Their Key Running Back?

Source: sportsnaut.com

Falcons were probably the best offensive team in the whole NFL last season. Kyle Shanahan has been amazing as the offensive coordinator so much so that he got a head coaching job after the kind of season that his offense had. Atlanta had a big lead in the Super Bowl LI, and they were so close to getting the job done.

One of the major factors of the success that this offense and the team has enjoyed is that dual-headed running attack that they had with Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. While the second one is great at catching passes out of the backfield, Devonta Freeman is that runner that is pounding the ball on the ground while keeping the defenders on their heels while attacking them with no regard for their well-being.

Source: sportingnews.com

He is one of the elite backs in the game. The problem with that is the fact that he wants to be paid like one. Freeman and his party have said even before the biggest game of the year in February that he would like to get paid as the best running back in the league. He truly works like one, and with the kind of performances that he had in 2016, we can’t really blame him and the way he feels as he is definitely in that combo.

Falcons officials believe that the two sides will reach an agreement as the franchise has stated that they want him to stay with them and they want to avoid any possible holdout that we have seen from other players who wanted to get paid after a good season. This franchise wants that angry runner that he is when he is on the field, and the general belief is that they will be able to keep him.