Windshield or No Windshield on Your Motorcycle – Which is Better?

If you’re reading this article, you must have doubts if you should include a windshield on the list of your motorcycle gear or not… This is, after all, an important matter. But in order to decide, you need to know all the advantages and disadvantages of having one, as well as consider what type of motorcycle, and for which purposes you’re going to buy. For example, having one comes in handy when going at high speeds. However, you must have noticed how many motorcycles intended for high speeding do not have one.

It is because this is not included on the list of mandatory equipment. Thus, some like to have it, some not. This is the main cause of your doubts.

But, do not worry, we are going to discuss a little bit about whether or not you should include a windshield in your motorcycle gear, in the rest of the article. This will hopefully help you decide if you really need one.

Advantages of having a windshield…

The biggest advantage is in the fact that it will improve your riding experience, as no debris will come your way to eventually hit you. The sounds are also better heard with something in front of you (like the windshield).

In any case, they were manufactured for a reason. The initial windshields were very small, actually more like a visual accessory because the driver was not protected from anything. It was only later that it was realized how important this part of the motorcycle is because it protects against dust and other small particles that are created due to speed and wind in traffic, but also from larger pieces that can fall off other vehicles in traffic. Thus, safety is by far the biggest advantage it has.

How was it invented?

The first ones were made of ordinary glass. Naturally, ordinary glass can easily break in half, that is, it offers almost no protection if one ends up in a crash, so additional injuries due to its collisions often occur. In those old times, that is, somewhere in the twenties of the last century, lawsuits between manufacturers were frequent precisely because of injuries caused by broken glass. In the end, it was realized that something urgently needs to be done regarding this matter in order to reduce the number of injuries caused in the events of crashes while having this piece of equipment.

As a result, almost all over the world today, it is obligatory to use multi-layered windshields that do not shatter upon the impact of a certain force. These actually became one of the key factors in traffic safety because they offer protection to the one riding.

As the industry developed, so did the glass lamination technology itself, so most of today’s windshields are made of two or even more layers of glass that are connected to each other with special foils and films that are either transparent or colored. Laminated glass is very safe, and it is safer the more layers of glass and foil it has, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are many glass options on the market. It is important that before making a final choice on which to buy, you understand that the glass is original and certified and that you will ensure proper, optimal installation using quality products. All this will play in favor of the safety and comfort of the ride.

In order for the windshield to serve its purpose, it is necessary to take good care of it. There are a number of different products on the market, such as liquids, gels, creams, and foams, a lot of which can be found on this website.

It is especially necessary to pay attention to the windshield in winter when it can freeze. As it has been proven that there is a lot of damage to the windows at that time of the year, and this is due to the fact that speeding drivers try to remove ice deposits using the most unusual objects – spikes, credit cards, etc..

So, the windshield is a part of the motorcycle that protects the driver and therefore we must take care of it properly.

What about the disadvantages?

Well, after all, we stated previously, one can only conclude that the disadvantages are connected to the appearance of the motorcycle. And if one of your choices is a bobber or a café racer, these can really neglect the look of it.

However, there are a couple more of these you should consider when deciding on the gear for your bike.

It can be a dangerous distraction in some cases. These cases include the windshield not being installed how it should be. As it is a part of the gear you can sometimes take off, there’s a lot of caution involved when mounting it again to your bike. Those who have used it before, know how easy it is to get it all wrong, even though it looks simple. If not installed properly it can flap while you’re on the go. This can eventually end up in it falling off completely, causing a collision with serious injuries.

Your ears may pop. It does sound a bit strange, does it? Believe it or not, at a certain speed, under a certain angle, if you start feeling a thumping sound, it’s a problem. A headache will soon follow, making the whole riding experience very awkward, resulting in your ears popping.

Final word

Windshields are super useful when you plan to ride for longer mileage because you never know what kind of weather awaits you on your journey. You’re tied to your transportation, so you might as well have protection in front of you, making the whole trip a lot more pleasant. Also, if you like riding all year long, having such equipment makes you able to ride even in harsh weather circumstances, like rain, snow, etc. So, in the end, we can say it is a highly recommended piece of equipment, safety-wise.