Wonder Woman Has Grossed $800 Million Worldwide

Source: denofgeek.com

Wonder Women was premiered this summer, and it keeps breaking records and reaching milestones when it comes to the box office. So far, the Warner Bros.’ superhero movie has grossed more than $800 million worldwide, while $404 million is coming from the United States, which puts it at the number seven on the all-time list of superhero movies, passing the original Spider-Man from 2002.

However, we need to take inflation into account, which doesn’t lessen the success of Wonder Woman. This amazing superhero film is just $4 million away from passing Captain America: Civil War which grossed $408 million in the domestic market last year. The next in line is Iron Man 3 with $409 million of domestic earnings, and it follows The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises and the two Avengers movies, which are in the top five. There is a good chance for Wonder Women to enter the top-five list very soon.

Source: themarysue.com

A single heroine managed to match the performance of a movie which had nearly all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe roster. That is why Warner Bros. is doing everything in its power to make Wonder Woman a core element of the DC Extended Universe. The marketing which surrounds the long-anticipated Justice League is a sign. In this movie, Batman will gather the other DC heroes to form a super team, but the synopsis which has been seen on toys for the film puts Wonder Woman in focus.

In the meantime, Warner Bros. is turning towards Wonder Woman 2. According to the speculations, they want to sign director Patty Jenkins to lead the project. The film is supposed to go out in December 2019. As for the global box office, it will definitely go up because Wonder Women will debut in Japan next week.