Work With a Master Jeweller When Buying an Engagement Ring

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Buying an engagement ring is a huge decision. For many, there are factors to consider such as budget, style, and quality. Many people are also growing more concerned with diamonds – where they are sourced from and whether or not they are environmentally and socially ethical.

With all these factors to consider, it can be difficult to know who to trust when it comes to purchasing a diamond ring. That’s why something called the Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO) exists – an International Buying Group and Educational Organization for retail jewelers, meant to identify jewelers with high ethical standards and professional integrity.

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This organization hand selects its members and demands that they adhere to a strict code-of-conduct. Members are considered “Master IJO Jewellers” and even receive educational opportunities in order to enhance their knowledge and expertise. An active member is one that strives to offer an unsurpassed level of service and quality to its customers.

Quality You Can Trust

It’s rare to find an independent jewelry store that’s a member of IJO – click here if you want to see one first-hand – but if you can find one that’s great news. Independent retail stores have the ability to offer better prices for higher quality items. Their jewelry isn’t mass-produced and the owners can ensure the quality of the pieces as well as the diamonds used.

In fact, Master Jewellers have access to group purchasing power that allows them to pass on significant savings to their customers. They also have the ability to buy directly from the diamond cutters in Antwerp, Belgium, which is considered the diamond capital of the world.

Removing the middle man allows them to personally examine and select only the best diamonds, as well as save on costs that can be passed down to the customer. When you choose to buy or custom make your engagement ring with a jeweler who is a member of the IJO, then you really are choosing someone you can trust.

How Can You Tell?

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Most IJO members are happy to say so on their websites. You could also do a Google search and see what results you find. No matter what you find, make sure that you are looking up reviews and checking out their website – even if they are a member. 

Reviews are a great way to tell if the person you want to work with can offer a friendly experience as well as a quality product. And by checking their website you can get a sense of the kind of work they do and if it matches you and your partner’s style.

Don’t Settle for Less

When choosing an engagement ring for your partner, don’t settle for less – consider working with a Master IJO Jeweller who was selected for their integrity and ethical practices. There’s a lot less to consider when you know that your jeweller has been selected to join the IJO because they are the best in the business. By working with one, you can ensure that your partner is getting the perfect ring that they truly deserve.