Visit Pogradec, Albania for Family Vacation

If you are looking for some family vacation, Pogradec is the perfect place to go. The city of Pogradec was built on the southwestern shores of Lake Ohrid. It’s one of the most notable cities of Albania for its tradition in hosting “family tourism”. It has the most pleasant fresh climate during the summer season and also a great cuisine.

How to go there?

You enter the region of Pogradec via the national highway, where the road from Macedonia crosses Qafë Thanë. This crossroad offers picturesque views of Lake Ohrid, a true pearl nestled between Mali I Thatë the Mokra Gora.

A little further down, you might stop at the Lin peninsula. There you will find the village by the same name, just 25 km outside of Pogradec. Roman Emperor Justinian’s parents would come here as their favorite holiday destination. In addition to the enchanting views, one can also discover the mosaics of Lin. It dates back to the 7th-6th centuries B.C. This ancient artwork exhibits an amazing ensemble of zoomorphic, floral, and geometric decorations resembling those in ancient Durrës.


The road to Pogradec passes along the shore of the tectonic Lake Ohrid, the deepest lake in the Balkans (285 m). This 2-4 million-year-old lake is under UNESCO protection due to its unique value and is home 17 species of aquatic animals, 70% of which are native and 30% migrant.

The sponge of Ohrid lives only here and in Lake Baikal. By the lakeside, you will find an array of restaurants, clubs, and comfortable hotels.

The city of Pogradec was settled in the Neolithic period, and it later became home to the Illyrian Enkelejd and Deseret clans. They built the Castle of Pogradec on a hill at 870 m above sea level. suggest – don’t miss Drilon and Tushemisht, you Before leaving Pogradec. It’s just 4-5 km south of the city. The Drilon waters form a small lake, surrounded by beautiful greenery. This makes the area and the nearby village of Tushemisht, a unique oasis of beauty and tranquility.

Natural and historical monuments

The region of Pogradec is rich in natural and historical monuments. You might visit the natural monument, the Rock of Kamje, which is located in the commune of Dardhas. You can find it on the way from Pogradec to Korça, near the village of Osnat. It is 70 m high and suddenly rises out of the surrounding terrain like a “ship sailing in a sea of green.”

Also, the Church of Marena, the archaeological site, and Monumental Graves of Selca lie 30 km away from Pogradec.

The monuments here date back to the 4th century B.C., and the five monumental stone graves are found in very few places elsewhere in the Balkans.

Touristic spots

The most visited tourist spots around Lake Ohrid are Lin, Pojskë, Hudenisht, and Tushemisht. Worth visiting are the Drilon water sources, located 5 km from Pogradec. Don’t forget about the wonderful restaurants in the area, constructed from wood, with some of the most delicious dishes of the region. Furthermore, you should not miss the Koran fish specialty, which also orders the queen Elisabeth II of the United Kingdom.


Visitors must not miss a taste of the traditional fish dishes, especially the baked ‘koran’, as well as the famous pickles. You don’t have to miss the traditional unique wine of Buti, or the famous Perla and Moskat raki of Pogradec.