WWE Already Planning Main Event For Wrestlemania Next Year

Wrestlemania Next Year
source; thesun.co.uk

This year’s Wrestlemania season is in full swing, but the company is already looking way into the future, and they are planning what they want to do with their main guys. They know who they want to keep on top and they are looking to put them in the best position possible.

Roman Reigns has been their guy for years now. Even though he hasn’t really succeeded as the babyface, WWE and Vince McMahon are still hell bent on keeping him a  face despite the boost and the failed experiment that his face run has really been. The higher-ups see him as the guy that is going to replace John Cena, and there is nothing that anybody can really do about it.

Wrestlemania 34: Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns; Source; dailystar.co.uk

On the other hand, a guy that has been a special attraction for the WWE over the past five years is Brock Lesnar. He is scheduled to go up against Bill Goldberg in this year’s edition of the biggest show that WWE produces, the Wrestlemania, and he is also set to win the title in Orlando.

Current long term plans are for Brock Lesnar to defend his title in the main event of Wrestlemania 34 against Roman Reigns. Nobody is sure if this means that Lensar will win the title in three weeks and hold it for a year until the Mania in New Orleans, but it seems that he will defend it against Roman. There is also no real information on whether or not Reigns will beat the Undertaker, but the chances of him turning heel against the dead man are pretty slim right now.